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 Lesson: What is a Rundown and How To Do It 

The Universal Release Method

Lesson Two:

What is an rundown and how do you do one?



Oxford dictionary:

rundown n.

def 1.  An analysis or summary of something by a knowledgeable person.

We use this word rundown because we are doing an analysis of what it is we need or want to address to make life better as regards a particular issue or area of difficulty in life.

A major issue or greater issue is what we call the area of difficulty we want to address and resolve, and an item is one specific lesser issue that, with other items, make up the greater issue.

Think of the item and a line item on a list.  It is the list of lesser issues that are all elements of the greater issue you are trying to resolve.



An example of an major issue one might have that they could do a rundown on, is:

"Not being able to talk to easily talk to my husband".

If that were the major issue.  That issue might be composed of several lesser issues, that if we were to list them out, they would be line items or 'items' on the list. 

Such as:
"My husband is not interested in what I have to say"

"he doesn't take me seriously"

"he's closed up"

"he's hiding something"

"he'll get angry if I bring up certain subjects"

"he always interrupts when I try to talk"

"he never listens"

"he has secrets"

"I have secrets"

"he'd hate me if he knew the truth"

"he doesn't really know me"

"I want him to like me"

"I am afraid to be open with him"

"he really pisses me off sometimes"

So, you can do a rundown on a major issue if you want, or you can just pick an item that is bothering you right now, without it having to be an element of some maojor issue.

But this time, with Akvile's help I am doing the rundown.

So this started out with 'worrying about giving a good session to another person.'

I released it first, then released each of the following after that.

"Worrying about doing a good job."

"Believing you probably can't help certain people."

"Caring about what people think."

"Caring what people think about me."

I started having some very good releases on the series of items I'd just released. I started feeling more myself, more authentic than usual, and the release states like this are so amazing.  Its what can happen when doing a rundown.  You just keep banging at a major issue until you get a major release. 

I don't always do rundowns as I often just pick an item I am involved with in the moment. 

So we can go either way, just pick an item we want to release right now and release it, and done.

Or choose to do a rundown on it which is more involved but also more thorough. Either way is fine.

After releasing your first item, you may notice related items. Just make note of these and start addressing them, one by one.  Meaning list them out as they occur to you.  Then pick any one from the list that has your interest, release it using the release questions, go deeper if necessary, release the deeper item, pick another item from the list, release it, go deeper if necessary, and so on.  Add any new related items as they occur to you, pick another item from the list, and so on, until you exhaust the list.

Exhaust the list does not mean you have do release every item on the list, it means you check every item on the list for interest, and if you are interested in releasing the item, then sure, do it.

Do not try to release items that you are not interested in.

Why is that?  For one, you won't be interested in doing it, but even more importantly, if you force yourself to do release work on an item you are not interested in, you can stir up more emotional charge than you can easily confront and release. So, not a good idea.

So list out, and release those on the list that you are interested in releasing (and leave the rest).

Ok, so that's the lesson here.

What is a rundown and how to do one.

Now back to my notes for my actual session.

For my own session notes, I am now going to extend the list as regards my “What People think” Rundown.

The way I am extending the list is simply by looking at the issue and making note of possible items to release. I can decide later if I am really interested in doing the release work on the new items or not.

Now to extend the list.

What are some items related to the issue of “What people think?”

Wanting approval

not wanting to hurt people

not wanting to hurt people's feelings

not wanting to be rude

not wanting to be a prick

not wanting to be an asshole

wanting to please

wanting to be nice

wanting to be liked

not wanting to upset people

So, as I added the above items, I paid attention to see if any of them made me chuckle or laugh, or if they really sparked my interest as I came up with them. Or if I had any realizations after coming up with them.

This last one (in red) really hit home. I'm like, omg! That's huge! I really do have a 'thing' going on inside me, it has to do with what people think, but deeper down, it has to do with not wanting to upset people! So yeah, this is the one, this the item I am taking off the list and doing release work on next! And I am VERY interested in releasing it!

Why release 'not' wanting to upset people? Its not that I would rather upset people, so I have to get rid of 'not wanting to'. No that's not how it works. The idea is that 'not wanting something' is tied to a fear or worry or a concern about the thing not wanted. Doing the release work on 'not wanting (whatever) will bring up those worries and concerns and release the worry and concern emotional energies, and free you up. You will be freer of the issue or item when you release 'not wanting'. End of session you are no longer 'not wanting (whatever). It doesn't mean you are all the sudden WANTING whatever. No no, what it means is you are clear of the 'not wanting' which can be a very good feeling, depending on what it is you have been 'not wanting' as an issue, like for instance, not wanting to have a heart attack... or not wanting to get fired, or something serious like that. So yeah, for me, today, next release session, my item is 'not wanting to upset people'.

Ok, that concludes today's lesson on “What is a rundown and how do you do one.”

Go to lesson 3 now.

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