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 Universal Release Method Lesson - What Is Emotion? 

You need to know well the subject of emotion, what it is and how to release it because this is the main thing that makes us unhappy, and unable in life.

What happens is when we suffer we store that suffering in the subconscious.

We store every event we ever experienced in the subconscious in every detail in 3d Holographic audio and video HD.  It's all there.  But for most of us, it is completely unavailable for viewing because it is all in the same storage system as the pain and suffering of a thousand lifetimes.

We are ok with this when we enter this life because it's all in deep storage, not loaded in 'ram', and is not a program running in consciousness.  But as we go thru life, we load these programs, or they get loaded automatically.   We have a stimulus response reactive mind, and it reacts by loading programs and content and apps into the automatic background apps, that are often if not always running once loaded.

So here we are today, with so very many 'programs' running that dictate how we feel, and when to feel that way.  Other programs tell us what to believe or what to think, and what to do in certain circumstance.  And through it all, is HOW TO FEEL.  So we have all these emotions loaded in "ram" or otherwise ready to activate in the subconscious, ready to make us feel the way we feel.

And here is the quirky part.

We have 'logic' loaded in the programs.  Our logic (which is un-reviewed, un-looked at 'code') is telling us to hang on the negative emotion.  So we do.  And here we are in the physical world feeling like shit, feeling pissed, upset as hell, or afraid, or sad... and we are wishing (consciously) that we didn't feel this way.  But subconsciously, our unlooked at 'logic' and programming is telling us that what we feel is the right thing to feel.  It's the right way to feel, and it would not be 'logically' to not feel this way at this time (under given circumstances or conditions.  So we continue feeling the way we do (or believing what we believe) even if we don't want to (consciously) feel or believe that way.

So yeah, when we are able to view the 'logic' which the release questions help us view, we are able to see the programming, and as soon as we see it, just like doing a quality control check on code, we are able to instantly delete code that was programmed in on purpose or accidentally, code that maybe once a long time ago was valid, but no longer needed or wanted in this day and age, code that may be quite honorable in a day age of barbarism or war of thousand lifetimes ago.  

So this text here and this video are your introductions to the amazing, deep, vast and incredibly fascinating subject of emotion, what it is, and how to release it.

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