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 Universal Release Method Lesson - Getting Started 

Welcome to Course!  Let's get started.

Hi this is Rich,

On the left you will see the top link which is orange.  That's this page.  And this page has on it your first lesson.

Below the orange link are all your other lessons they are all password protected but you usually only have to sign in once per study session.

Go through the lessons in sequence (top to bottom) for best results.

Now before we get started with Lesson 1 which is a little further down the page, I would like to introduce you to the course with the 2 videos below as they give you an overview on how it all works, with an emphasis on how to use the Universal Release Method to deal with your relationship and communication issues.

My Sweetheart was having a very difficult time expressing her feelings, especially if things got tense or stressful.  This technique worked amazingly well for her.  And now she can express her thoughts and feelings so much better than ever before.  And it really has saved our relationship.  So yeah, it really does work.

Your Lesson 1 begins after the second video.

The Universal Release Method

Lesson One:

What is the Universal Release Method?

The Universal Release Method is a way of talking out or journalling out your troubles and clearing out your negative emotional energy and irrational or limited thinking, and illogical 'logic' (which includes limiting beliefs and much more).  

This technique is guaranteed to kick in your dopamine and other feel good chemicals.

It is based on the natural principles and dynamics of communication where one will feel better if they can talk it out, or get it off their chest. 

Clearing the terms:

Def. Universal:  
Applicable to or affecting many inidivuals, conditions, or cases.

Def. Release:
to set (someone or something) free
to stop holding (someone or something)
to express a feeling you have been trying not to show (Cambridge Dictionary)
to let go of

Def. Method:
A procedure or process for attaining an objective
A systematic procedure, technique or mode used by a particular discipline or art.

So the Universal Release Method is a technique or process for setting free your issues, technique that is applicable to many issues, conditions, or cases.  It allows you to express you feelings (and illogical thinking) so that you can stop holding on to them and let them go.

There are sound reasons why it works.  And these are psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual reasons.

And we are going to go into these reasons thoroughly so you know not just how to do it, but why it works the way it does.  This will make for a more effective release session with faster, cleaner, clearing and releasing of the negative programming and negative emotional and mental energies.

Basically this technique is based on the concept of Two Way Communication.  Two Way Comm for short, or 2wc.

The communication is between the facilitator who's main job is to listen and the person communication about their issues.

What is an auditor?
Because the facilitator's main job is to listen, this individual is called an auditor.  Dictionary def #2 of auditor is 'listener'.  So this is the perfect word.  Also as we are more familiar with the term, an auditor is known to do an accounting.  And the auditor in our context also is doing and accounting, taking into account what the person communicting to the auditor has to say about the issues being discussed.

What is a pc?
The Person Communicating to the auditor is the pc.  
Or we could say that the Person Clearing their issues out by communicatiing about them to the auditor is the pc.
Or we could say that before the person has cleared all their stuff from the subconscious mind, they are 'preclear' or a Pre-Clear.

So for short, we call the one getting the release or clearing session the pc, and the one who's job is mainly to listen, we call the auditor.

We refer to these two characters, pc and auditor a lot, so we need these clear, precise labels.

I am going to be teaching you how to be both the pc and the auditor.  So you can get good at getting sessions and giving them to friends, family or clients.

And I am going to be teaching you how to both pc and auditor at the same time, so you can give both yourself and others sessions.

Ok, this is your first lesson.

In your next lesson you are going to learn what a 'rundown' is.  When we deal with a thing we are going to release, we like an emotion or a limiting belief, we call that 'thing' an item.  But we have bigger issues in life, that are often composed of more than one item.  So when we deal with the bigger issues in life, we need to find the various specific items that make up that issue.  And then we release all the items, one at a time, until the issue is resolved.  Doing all this on a specific is is referred to as 'doing a rundown' on an issue.

Your next lesson will explain in more detail what a rundown is.

Lesson 2 - What is a Rundown.


Warmest regards,

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