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 Wins & Success Stories 

Wins and Success Stories.


Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Yesterday for the first time in years, I did not have the ringing in my ears, that is from the drones and helicopters that track me. I have never been ale to stop them, even with other peoples help.

I have many issues, from the SRA, and other things, that Akville identified. I will be scheduling another session soon. Sorry I have no way to send a picture via email, but I can send via text if that will help. Let me know. I will schedule as soon as I can afford it.

Blessings to you,


What a Ride.

Thanks guys!

What a ride!

That was a lot. My experience with the Nordic Alliance made a lot of sense. In 3D I would always feel compelled to help others and then felt like it backfired on me everytime...similar to the darkside deception you described.

Now that the agreements are clear, would it be fair to say its up to me to just maintain positive beliefs and refute the memories of my past so they're not recreating struggle here?

Also, I'm very interested in getting out-of-body and exploring my abilities again.

Is there any chance of them coming back to target me and how can I prevent that?

Thanks a million to both of you!

The support you offer is out of this world (literally and figuratively ; )

Thanks for getting me in so quick.

I'll be in touch

Best wishes,

M. M.

F@#king Unbelieveable.

.... the most incredible thing is happening to me!!  I suddenly feel AMAZING and have ENERGY and can't believe how INCREDIBLE I feel!  I think the energies are shifting and I am healing and a very rapid pace... I haven't even had time to start lesson #3 and the change that is happening is blowing my mind!!  I am doing all of the things I haven't been able to do for years... it's fucking unbelievable!!!

Having said that - I do look forward to lesson #3 as soon as I can get to it....

Please tell Rich thank you for me.. I missed the broadcast today because I was out and about....

Will let you know how #3 goes as soon as it's done :)

~ S

Already Feeling It.

Wow thanks guys! So weird I’ve been feeling so good. I thought it feels like I had a healing already. That can’t be I though cause there’s a waiting list at the moment. Oh well I thought it must be me writing it all out and unburdening! I’m feeling so grateful, Thank you both. I’m just about to duck out to the shops with my mask!! I’ll read when I get back. I just wanted to tell you I’m already feeling it.


The Strangest Thing.

My mind has definitely quieted down since the scan which has been a welcome thing; it's still negative here and there, but nowhere near as much talking, and a lot of the pressure in my head have been relieved... It's strange, it feels like now negative thoughts are almost rising up from my heart or something. The strangest thing is your session coincided with me winning something, which never happens for me lol...

I plan on purchasing another session or two in a little while since I feel like this one has worked out and has had a positive impact. I appreciate your service Akvile and Rich!


Implant Removed - More energy.
First of I have had so much more energy since the last session. I think Akvile removed some kind of implant from above my head and that has made tremendous different, so thank you guys for that!


Mind Blowing - OBE - UFO.

A mind-blowing thing happened a month ago, after receiving the session from Akvile, I had a lucid dream that transitioned to an OBE in my city, I was a couple miles away in a field testing my creative abilities, then three humans popped out, by looking into their eyes they were not humans but reptilians, I instantly crushed them. The next day, on the new, a UFO has been detected the night of the OBE just above the street I'm living at. ?????????????????
I'm ready to get back to work, now that things that I was struggling with in the past has been resolved.

I don't know if you still have so much demand, if it's the case I'll wait till it's more stable as I really want to chain sessions to be as effective as possible.


Feel So Much - Confirmation - Purchasing Another.

Wow!! I was sitting around a fire I made at my house and I started to feel so much physical sensation hahah. Going to reflect on this ~ confirmed a lot of what I was suspecting & you had better believe I will be purchasing another scan and perhaps also investing in the soul revocation work that you've put together.

I'll write with some more feedback once I listen a few more times and process. Thank you!!!


Blood Sugar Levels Down.

P. has had an excellent result so far.

His blood sugar levels came down substantially the very next day!

He is deeply grateful. Be sure to thank Akvile.


Back Pain Disappeared.

I want to say, as early as high school, and I was surprised to have noticed that shortly after our last session, the back pain disappeared), and I'd like another session with those galactic healers/surgeons...


Wow Wow and Wow - Forever Grateful.
Wow wow and wow! I'v had so much of my own intuitive feelings confirmed with everything you picked up Akvile, starting with feeling like i didn't belong in my family... Thank you so very much, i feel less crowded energy wise, my intuition is increasing daily. 

It's a relief to be seen by someone as I truly am and not through their filters...

Forever grateful.

M. G.

Great Wins From This Session.

Thank you; so far, I've had great wins from this session. For almost a week now, I've been able to go all day without spending all day on my phone or laptop; instead, I'm studying, reading, meditating, writing, and starting new projects. I didn't really notice any wins at first from the other session, but I think I'm just now starting to; I think part of that issue could also be linked to other issues in my second Deep Scan/Remote Viewing session, so I'll wait and see if it clears up once I've also gotten those sessions. Thank you so much to both of you.


The Revocations Were Amazing.

"I had cleared out quite a lot of soul contracts, probably at least 10-15 .

I don't feel the need to be obliged to help out certain people like I used to . Even though I still help when they ask.

I felt very irritated and angry, but the spurts of anger were very short lived. I no longer get that the shit or crap from certain people that had been constantly gnawing and annoying me. I speak out straight away stating I no longer take their shit. I found that straight after saying that, they stopped doing what they had been doing.

The revocations were amazing. The people seemed to be scared or no longer have any right to continue. I did not even get a comment back and previously they kept on going just to annoy the crap out of me. This is really amazing work.

Life is great for me too and I don't feel lost anymore. It has a lot of clarity and I cannot wait to absorb more in life. About a week ago when I did this clearing I was very tired. But the last few days , I have gained so much more energy back.

My so called dark tunnel with these past issues are no longer looking like one , but with so much light after the clearing process. I may have a few more, but I think the majority was completed within the last week.

This is such a priceless process. Thank you."


Carolyn C  June 2015 
"learning how to do the revocations has made a huge difference for me in a lot of ways"
Rich, I went through your SCR bootcamp (but you know that!) and got Sooo much out of it. And it isn't like, "Oh, I did that and Bam! I'm all fixed now" - :) but learning how to do the revocations has made a huge difference for me in a lot of ways. (My spiritual progress, for one, just "sped up" like crazy....) 
It's made such a positive impact that it would take too long to go into it right now, seriously. The more you get rid of the ridiculous "this is just the way it is" perspectives, experiences, etc. you've blindly agreed to, the more and more you become aware of your own True power as a Being, and of how much real love and support is here for you.
I'm not "done" by any means. I've made so much progress with this so quickly, I can't wait to see where/who I am six months from now.
Since beginning to do the revocations, I am more fearless about being open to spiritual experiences.  In the past, I've been a bit of a chicken.
A kundalini thing (I'm convinced) happened after I started do the SCRs. The beautiful thing is, I'm determined not to let anything scare me.* (All I have to do is recall/think about/write about this "kundalini thing", and the base of my spine feels icy/hot. It feels that way right now!  SO freaky, omg.  ;)
*In essence, I sort of feel that nothing is scary, so how can it scare me?  
SO, Rich... that's my "book".  lol   Ask me anything! I send you love, you beautiful person.

Zee (the pc) Shares
what it's like

To get a session.

Hi Everyone / Rich,

Yesterday morning (Evening in the UK) on the Live Skype session, Rich, I, Rolf, PJ and Uwe were present..
It was quite an informal session and Rich kindly agreed to demo a live SC revocation on me.

This is just feedback and thoughts for everyone on how I felt during the session. There were a lot of feelings and "stuff" going on during the session which I tried to discuss as much as possible for everyone in the session, but I'm writing it all down here for the benefit of everyone else.

My Thoughts

In the beginning with the first few commands, I started to feel very happy, joyous and filled with joy, love and happiness, etc.. This was when I was connecting with the Earth core, Galactic core and my higher self. I then "activated" or visualised the "Galactic Vacuum" taking shape and appearing in my space..

The next stage was calling up all agreements relating to "worry" (This is what we were focusing on in this SC revocation) on every timeline, dimensions ;D, realities, etc, etc. I could visualise all of this stuff gathering in front of me like a cloud of agreements circling in front on me.. I got a very sour/dark taste in mouth/throat which was coming off these agreements.. So I could physically feel the "poison" from these agreements.. I think I describe this on the video..

Throughout this stage in the SC, I started to get Angry, hostile and emotional against the parasites.. and I felt a TUG-O-WAR with all the agreements.. it was like these parasites were pulling back the agreements into their space and I was pulling them away. I can say with a certainty that they were PISSED and were NOT going to make this easy.. as this was happening I was getting angrier and angrier but I could sense that this wasn't working, so I "opened the taps" from the galactic core and earth core and pumped loads more of light/energy/love into myself and I finally pulled all the agreements back in front of me..

At this point Rich prompted me to Vacuum up all this shit.. So then I continued with the commands and I could feel these negative worry contracts being taken away.. being sent to the galactic core.. I think I commented that some it of it felt like "Shit sticking to a toilet!!!"  :-[ :D and that some of these contracts/agreements were not getting flushed or hanging on... Again I imagined more energy from the cores/infinite source pulling these final pieces away...

I could now sense the absolute anger and freaking out of the parasites and they sent over a massive "fear bomb" towards me.. This was very clear.. they said "we will destroy your heart or your heart" -- I started to feel fear and the beginning of panic - "Oh shit I shouldn't have fucked with this stuff" - BUT I KNEW this was them trying to fuck me up in the final moments.. So again I increased my connections and I came over all trippy and hippy.. sort of like one of these flower power hippies you see... and I visualised hugging these parasites with pure love from my heart and breathing in more love..

This absolutely calmed me down and made very confident and I could feel the utter disgust, fear and panic from these motherfuckers.. Finally Rich prompted me to ask them if they wanted to be transmuted.. by this point I felt much lighter and not worried about anything.. Even complacent.. I immediately knew that this was another counter-measure by the parasites to evade me.. Making me complacent, and not bothered anymore.. so I would just finish the session and move on.. thereby not removing all the negativity.. Sneaky MOFOs.. I would describe them the "Borg" from Star Trek as in trying to adapt and use a counter strategy to stop the session being successful. This actually has given me an insight on there modus operandi.. IT really is deception/counter deception fear, threats, games in getting you to back off/submit..

Anyway.. so I offered them an exit to the core.. and I could feel the fear and also the "want" from them to actually goto the core. I don't think they did, as there was a lot of fear emanating from them... I then PROMISED them if they fuck with me again I will send them immediately to the core and also love bomb them... :D :D

Now you maybe asking how did I see or feel all the above? Was it visual? -- Its really hard to explain, but it was like a "knowing", "Sense" or a "memory" that suddenly appears in your head and you can see it and feel it..

Today I feel much calmer, lighter in regards to worry - But I am really irritable (Rich said this may happen) and tired... The major thing is people around me, for example my partner was talking about some issue she was encountering in her life and how she is worried about it and stressed over it. Usually I would take an interest and make it my worry.. but I just didn't give a shit :D.. I wasn't bothered or worried at all.. She got a bit upset over this.. as it made her feel that I was cold towards the situation.. I told her.. I'm not cold, it just doesn't worry/bother me anymore...

So I can 100% say that this WORKS IMMEDIATELY.. and is very powerful stuff.. Also I would like to add.. that I did feel/sense that the parasites will try harder to get me back into my older ways now that I'm on their "Radar", but I did get another sense or message that by doing the cosmic flush daily will make it impossible for them to be successful.

Please feel free to ask me questions, if any of this is unclear or you want to asks stuff..



I have pulled out my hair for 45 years. It has been absolutely agonizing trying to stop pulling out my hair. The medical term for this neuroses is trichotillomania. It is in the same category of other self inflicted negative habits like nail biting or cutting.

Trichotillomania is specifically a self-punishing neuroses stemming from having an EXTREMELY punishing parent. This neuroses is so deeply rooted in psychological damage that it’s been impossible for me to stop the pulling. I swear I’ve tried a million times over the years. One hot summer I was so incredibly frustrated that I could not stop the pulling that I completely shaved my head! I was in such agony of wanting so badly to stop pulling out my hair, to stop having to wear hats to cover the multiple bald spots, that I actually shaved my head! (I’m female.)

I came to terms with thinking I’d never be able to conquer this yanking out of my hair. I thought the best I could do was to try to manage it. There be short periods of time where I could stop pulling for a week or so. But any kind of stress or life setback (of which there were many), I’d just keep frantically pulling out my hair.

It wasn’t until I heard of Soul Contract Revocation that I thought there might be a sliver of hope. I finally made an appointment for a session with Akvile. Through her wonderful insight and series of questions that guided me through the emotional maze of feelings that dug deeply into the psychological cesspool of emotions that caused the hair pulling, I was able to understand the agreements I made before coming into this hellish life that led to a life of hair pulling.

And upon that understanding, an incredible opening in my consciousness occurred. I wish I had a better way to explain this, but it was like something that was so closed in me for an entire lifetime was now not only open, but felt like it was ALWAYS open! I no longer needed to pull out my hair. And I haven’t pulled out a single hair since! THIS IS HUGE!!!!! It’s bigger than huge, it’s MAMMOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then I literally forgot all about it until the following week when I spoke to Akvile again. Only when I mentioned to her that not only do I no longer pull out my hair, but I don’t even think about it, did it hit me:

OMG for 45 years I have been suffering so badly with this hair pulling trauma, that not only have I not been pulling, but I haven’t even THOUGHT about it at all – AS IF I’VE NEVER EVER thought about it, as if I’ve never even thought about it at all in my life.

And I begin to cry really hard, sobbing at the pure realization that after 45 years of pulling out my hair, I’m done. I’ve conquered it. I’m through, utterly and completely and forever!!!

Currently my former bald spots have grown in beautifully and for the first time in 45 years I have a full head of hair! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Akvile’s loving and caring guidance and expertise led me to the emotional freedom that set me free of hair pulling. And I am so much happier because of it!!! THANK YOU AKVILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Really nice win... pretty light heading, and what an energy rush.  This revolves around an agreement to always be hungry., which lead me to will power.  Want to talk about sub agreements.. omg.  I really did sense the counter party beings.. and yeah Rich, I was a gracious host and did the right thing.  What is funny, appetite is gone... wow.... clear head.  By the way, that Galactic Hoover, wow, what an image when your under it and counter party contracts go flying... it was great.

Mike W.

Wins Regarding the Issue of Doing or Not Doing Soul Contract Revocation/Release Work.

I haven't been doing the release work with the the passion and motivcation I know it deserves. And I do NOT want this to be one more failed self-help program. So today I did soul contract release work on the subject "Doing or Not Doing Soul Contract Revocation/Release Work." And it worked! In ACES!

I started by making a long list of agreements.  Half half of which were my simple truths translated to agreements. Like how "I'm useless" and "I can't even help myself" and "I never have any time" tranlate to "I agree that I'm useless" and "I agree that I can't even help myself," and I agree that I never have any time." This ended up being a pretty long list. This morning I got up early and ran the finished list through the 13 steps of the Soul Contract Revocation Process. Amazing realizations!

1. Self-worth -- To put this win in context, you need a bit of my history. I've had serious self-worth issues my whole life. I was an abused child, well-intended bull whip and all, but I will spare you the melodrama. Parents were never at fault, I was. My only nickname as a child was "goop," and -- with 5 older brothers and issters helping -- I really took it to heart that I was scum, worthless and pretty much a useless being. My self worth has dragged me down from age 3 to age 58.

2. Never Enough Time -- I got one "C" in my life and learned how bad it feels to be -- in my mother's words-- "mediocre, just like everyone else." I've fought against mediocrity ever since the 3rd grade. As a result, I've been a compulsive over-achiever and I definitely DO NOT have time to spend on SELF-help efforts! I'm busy! I have work to do! I certainly didn't have enough time (ever) for anything I do for myself. I've always had plenty of time for others and for what they need, so I'd sit for hours and hours listening to someone else (was my mother's "sounding board" re her marriage). But for myself? It's always been really hard to find the time for myself. Something "more important" always got in the way. Looking past the recipe for doom (below), I now definitely have time! This is truly the single most important thing in my life! I felt that before, but I am living it now!

3. No Self-Betterment/Major Physical Problems -- As I looked over the four typewritten pages of agreements about not doing soul contract revocation work, the "self-worth" stuff jumped off the page! At first it was all "I'm bad" and "I'm useless because I don't do soul contract work". And then .... I realized it's not just soul contract work I haven't been doing, it's ANY self-betterment stuff. Which explains to me why -- after years of always working, stressing, and never just relaxing and taking time for myself, I'm a physical wreck.  (I still have soul contract work to do in this area, but I'm working on it.)

4. Recipe for Doom – I Agreed to Agree -- So here's the punch line (took me long enough!) I realized that every single "agreement" I've ever made on my own was based, not on what I wanted, but on what the archons want! My list of reasons I'm not doing soul contract work read just like a recipe for doom for myself. I looked at it and realized the entire list was in fact (though not when I wrote the list down) prefaced with the phrase, "I agree that the archons want me to agree that....."

So the list quickly becomes, "I agree that the archons want me to agree that I'm scum," and "I agree that the archons want me to agree that I don't have time, and "I agree that the archons want me to eat chocolate chip cookies."  I finally saw that I've just been agreeing to agree to what the archons want me to agree to. 

And it's what we've all done. We’ve agreed to what they want – not to what WE want!  It's why my parents raised me as they did. They were properly following their agreements to guide their daughter properly. So, bottom line, I agreed to be what my parents wanted me to be, and becuase of that I am who I am based upon my parents agreements to agree on what the archons wanted them to agree to. I'm not saying I'm not responsible for this. Actually, I'm saying I AM responsible for it all.

...... and the recipe for disaster of automatically agreeing to what the archons want me to agree was blown the fuck apart because....


I DO NOT AGREE anymore! Not to anything on that list.  And just in general.  I DO NOT AGREE with their control and domination any longer. 

And... when I pulled back the energies and essences in Step 7. And I GOT MAD!  (finally!) Not sorry, not afraid, not worried, just pure clean MAD.  And that’s a really, really good feeling.

I am SO GLAD I had the opportunity to look at this "agreement to agree" that popped up from doing this the way Rich explains to do it.  First "on this time-line and all other time-lines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities," helped me to realize why my parents raised me as they did.  They just agreed to agree.  And then, looking at these agreements "as they are recorded throughout my unconscious mind, subconscious mind, and all throughout my sphere of consciousness," totally blew me away.  What's been wrong with me on the self-worth level and on the "no time" level is what's wrong with the entire population of this planet. 

We TRULY ARE infinitely powerful beings.

5. Take the Bull By The Horns -- My final realization is that, whenever I am stopped or diverted from doing my soul contract work, I'll just take the bull by the horns, look him in the eyes and type the subject "BULL" (with a little more detail, of course) and do soul contract release work on that subject.


I would go on forever about this. But I am SO GLAD I finally addressed "Not doing soul contract release work" head on.


Thank you, Rich, for all you do! It means the world to me -- and to so many other people.


Mads did the first Soul Contract Removal Bootcamp with me.
Here's some wins he had from doing bootcamp.

Hay Rich! :D (this is Mads) 

Now that I am finally finished with all exams and shit, I would take the opportunity to thank you for all the things u taught me at bootcamp :D It was amazing how much progress I personally felt I went through in those 2 weeks! 
A few i want to share with you:
I removed fear in general ( you said you wanted my feed back on this one), even if it was a fear that was big in that way that it was not specific.
It actually worked, but since then I later had to go through some of them again in detail. 
What i find strange is that if i get scared (for whatever reason) my body jump but my soul dosent, if that make sense?
Its like muscle memory :O 
On my way home from England to Norway I was sick and i decided to try to remove my cold with soul contracts, and it actually worked!
No i did not get instantly better, but my heavy head stopped and never went back, it seems that i stopped the progress somehow, either way it definitely helped me.
I removed a contract related to being nervous when pitching (products) in front of people, and man its amazing! I am so relaxed its funny i just dont give a shit, and i love it so much. 
In general I am more pleased with my self, I though I was happy with myself but this is only proof that one can feel even better! I am more happy and i dont care anymore, I love to say exactly what I feel, even if the other person might get hurt, but man those words was my honest thoughts it feels so good to say them :D


Finding Your True Self.

Richard's Soul Revoking Bootcamp has been a major part of me finding my True Self.

For everyone it's about becoming that better version of your self, which you already are, so it's about removing those blockages & changing beliefs. Finding your True Self can be a very difficult task, especially when living here on Planet Earth but by having the right tools & techniques & the mindset it gets much easier & fun.
I want to thank Richard for putting down this work & research & sharing it with the world to help the consciousness evolve on this planet. Times are changing, it's evident & with people like Richard who are dedicated to helping others grow it's such a joy to explore & find out what's there to come for us humans here on Earth.
I am a Dancer, and dancing has always been a great part of my life. The more I grew in my dance and as a person, the more I started understanding the Matrix & how it works; "What are entities, what is the 4th dimension, how thoughts affect our actions, how am I affected by different belief patterns/implants etc." I started to notice that I had different personas come up in my Dance, which I consciously didn't choose to bring up & the more I dug into the research & self-exploration, I realized that these personas were actually entities which were affecting me through different imprinting from the 4th dimension.
It's been a major journey getting rid of all of these "fake" personas/identities and reclaiming my True Self, but I'm happy that I did it, because I also know that it had to be done, for me to be living a happy life. You have to do the self-work & reclaim your Self, no one else is going to do it for you. That's why it's great to have people like Richard who have done a great amount of research on these things, and who are willing to share their own experiences in order for you to grow.
I highly recommend researching Soul Agreements, getting into Richard's Bootcamp & healing yourself.
It can only be a good outcome, well not always (I had to go through some sh*t in order to clean that sh*t up) hahaha, but seriously, you will learn & understand yourself better with this tool & by raising your own vibrations you help the vibrations of the collective raise as well.
O. S.
Student of Soul Contract Boot Camp.






....... in white

Must Watch!
In this interview Linda shares her wins and some of the changes she has experienced in just 5 Soul Contract Revocation sessions the way we do it here.

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