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 Guided Out of Body 

The Guided Session
If you have good visualization abilities...

We can guide you Out of Body

And guide you INTO an amazing experiences, realms and worlds beyond the physical including make contact with friendly ETs in the higher realms.

You can also deal with entities and dark ETs that are messing with you.

You can visit...

Anime Worlds (Isekai)

Dead Relatives

Astral Realms

Heaven Worlds

Dream Worlds

Fanatasy Worlds

Belief System Territories

And More.

The Guided Experience.

I guide you out of body and/or into realms, planes, densities and reality systems of your choosing.
In a one-on-one guided session.

On Zoom.

Nothing like you have ever experienced before.

Easier than you think for those of you with good visualization ability.

Let me guide you with your powerful imagination to...
Explore the Multiverse
Meet and talk with ETs,
Exlpore anime worlds,
Meet Dearly Departed Relatives
And more.
See them, feel then, touch and talk to them.
Beings and Entities of all kinds.
Re-live past lives and fun adventures...

I guide you and help you make contact and tune into these
alternate realities, parallel universe, anime worlds, and a multitude of past, present and future timelines, reality systems and universes. 


Get Your Guided Session with

only $90.

How long a session lasts or how much exploring goes on during 1 session can differ, but in these sessions with you, we're focusing on the positive aspects of your experiences in the multiverse. 

Positive gain, or work is the theme here, so that it ends up as a feel good experience.
Exploring multiverse, meeting dearly departed loved one's and relatives, spirit guides, aliens and ET humans of various races, and many other kinds of entities.
Another amazing thing about the guided oobe sessions is that you can easily access past and future selves, alternative selves (as with Quantum Jumping) and you can access past, looking into the past lives and anything they want as a kind of out of body experience, while also shifting in time, and/or into alternate universes or timelines.

You do 90% of the adventuring with visualizing and getting in there, while we're just your guides, helping you get focused, and being there with you and for you as you explore the multiverse your way, meeting who you want to meet, talking to those you meet, interactive with them, as you can literally touch and feel them, share an emotional moment with them, learn from them, teach them, play with them, work with them, go on missions (real meaningful missions) with them and more.
As your guides during these live online video conferencing sessions, one-on-one, we also explain the theories of how and why this works, give you time for Q&A with us, as we actively listen and help satisfy your needs. 

If you are interested and have good visualization ability please read on to see if you qualify:

Starting requirements:

  1. You need to have your visuals above 4 on a scale of 1 to 10.
  2. You need to believe you are a spiritual being.
  3. You need to understand or believe that you the Consciousness or the Awareness IN the physical body.
  4. And understand that you are NOT the physical body.
  5. You need to know, or believe that you existed before you were born in this physical body.

In other words, you'll need to know that you were here before this body was born, and will still be around (somewhere as Aware Consciousness) after your physical body expires.

Also, as we focus on the feel-good, we'll be using what we've learned in the release work - take a win and take a break at a happy place.
This is the general rule.
No need to trigger your stuff after experiencing something amazing or wonderful.  In one session, one experience, you win, - we stop.  We take a break.
  After we stop there with whatever time is remaining, it gives us time for Q&A, discussion about your experience, how it all works, etc.

Rich and I have looked at things we've done in past guided sessions, with other students/explorers, and with each other, looking at various techniques, theories, and principles we've used, finding the one's that worked best, that leave the student/explorer with the best results, (the feel-good, happy, smiling, tears of joy kind of results) - We've taken notes, saw what worked best - worked best for meeting departed friends and family members, who have crossed over, worked best for past life stuff, so that we could give that service again at any given point to people who meet the requirements.


Have you ever wanted to meet your relative / loved one that has passed away? Maybe you wanted to talk to your spirit guide, meet people from ancient civilizations, talk to really smart ET's or even confront little entities that are messing with you daily? Have you wanted to look into who were you before coming here on Earth or look into possible other lives you had on Earth previously?
Getting out of the body, consciousness shifting, quantum jumping, and much more, it's all possible and we can help you out.

Sounds too good, right?
Are you wondering what's the catch?  -
If so, you're right, there is a catch.

You need to have good visuals.

Let's take a closer look to see if your's are good enough for this kind of work.
Imagine holding an apple in your hand. What color is it? How big? Can you feel it? Can you smell it?
Is it clear and detailed?
If you're seeing it vividly in your minds eye, as a mental image and are describing the details and maintaining the image for 30 seconds or a minute, you've totally passed the test and are qualified to use this superpower of yours to finally get what you've been secretly wondering about, and wanting all your life.

As mentioned at the beginning of this writing you must have some level of visualization ability.

So let's look closer at what this means to see if you qualify for this kinds of 1-on-1 personalized guided out of body experience. 

How are your visuals?
How well do you visualize things?
How strong in your Imagination?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (see below)
Where would you place yourself (generally speaking)?

Rating system-

1 = I see fleeting images and they are not vivid, sort of transparent.

3 = I see fleeting images but can "hold onto one" for a second or two, before it slips away, and I have to consciously bring it back.

4 = The image is pretty clear, and can see it vividly, but the vividness is not stable and the image may fade in and out unless I really focus.

5 = The image is picture perfect, and can see it vividly and clearly and can look at it for quite some time without it fading away or disappearing.

7 =  Image becomes a scene with movement, dimension, communication. A very stable environment with "me" in it. I am often observing "me" (i.e. my body there).

8 = Same as 7 but, with "me" in "me". I am in the action.  

9 =  Scene is oobe like in clarity, but without the "oobe consciousness" meaning not feeling the full blown consciousness transfer into the oobe scene.

10  = Oobe consciousness.  Meaning I have fully shifted consciousness from the physical body and physical world, and am fully in the point of view of the body, viewpoint, or avatar (or whatever) that is located IN the non-physical environment.

If you find yourself on this scale at 4 or above then are eligible:

Your visuals are awesome.

You can do this!

Your imagination is your super power.


You qualify for this kind of guided oobe exploration of the multiverse.


You are invited to get a guided 1 hr Online, Live, Face to Face Guided Session with either Rich or Akvile.

Rich developed this technique over 20 years ago, and have done it with individuals and even groups with great success, and has a depth of understanding as to how and why it works.

Akvile is extremely brilliant, and Rich taught her how to do this with others, as he first started doing it with her over 8 years ago.

Akvile is a natural at getting out of body, and her visuals on the scale above are off that chart - her visuals at times can easily reach 11 and 12.  And her ability to shift consciousness into those non-physical realms WITH YOU, and go with you, where you go, as she guides you is an added plus, and as a psychic empath, she can also relate very well with what you are doing 'out there'. 

If your visuals are extremely good - 8 or higher on the scale, or off the chart as are hers, she is recommended. 

We are here to help you focus and see anything that's important to you. And not just see it, no. You can talk to people, learn, hear the most important things from people you've lost or wanted to meet, you can recall your past lives, and much more. No hypnotizing, no meditating, or anything like it. You get comfortable, and with eyes closed, you follow our lead as we get you to shift your consciousness into a different place, so much that it's not even seeing, but being in a place. From there we go look, meet and do what you want most. 


You get the idea, we like YOU winning.
We like guiding you and having you satisfied.
Sign up today!


Get Your Guided Oobe Session with

only $90.

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