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 Universal Release Method Lesson - Another Quick Demo Release Session 

These quick and dirty demo sessions are given to help you get a feel for all this.

I hadn't realized how quickly the demo items would bite.  As in "Ouch there's more charge on this stuff than I thought!"

So in these demos I am cutting loose rather quickly with the releases and chuckles and realizations, not going more into it - mainly because the intent here is to offer a quick demo of how it all works, not do a full session.

But even so, I have had some great releases and realizations while doing these last two demos (abt not having fun doing videos) and have gotten some good laughs (even while rewatching the vids).  And yeah!  Hey, it was fun making them, after all!

And one of the unexpected wins is that I am more excited abt and interested in do more sessions on myself... because... wait for it....

For me this is fun.  Winning at self-actualization is fun to me, so yeah, I love it.

Thank you for watching these cheesy demos btw, and I hope they help you get better and better at releasing your own stuff.

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