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 OOBE Technique - Consciousness Disassociation 

Your Latest Technique For Getting Out.

I also go over this technique in the video below.

(This technique has worked extremely well, especially for people with above average, visual skills.)

This technique has to do with Consciousness and the fact that Consciousness creates matter, including your body.

So what happens is that Consciousness creates something and then identifies with it.

Then 'becomes' it.

So it goes into the thing it created and chooses to 'be it'.

Oh look, now I am a universe!
(or a star, or planet, or human person, or whatever).

In this way Consciousness has separated itself out from the rest of itself and has isolated a part of itself within the boundaries of the thing it has created with thought.

So we could say that every human is a spark of god.
We could even go so far as to say that there is a spark of god (consciousness) in every particle of matter, energy, space and time.

Without having to go that deep with all this...

The way we apply this to getting out of body is this.

1.  Create a nice quiet space to relax and do this technique - sitting or laying down, with eyes closed.

2.  Identify with your impression of the body.

3.  Become more and more aware of this impression of your body and expand your consciousness into it until it reaches to the very edge, beyond which is the nothingness of space or 'the other things'.

Identify and expand consciousness throughout your creation of the body.

4.  Now that you are fully aware if it...  Tag it.     Give it a label.

Call what you have expanded your awareness into whatever you like.

5.  Disassociate from it.  (Having identified with it sometime earlier in this life, it is now time to disassociate from it.  At least for a little while for the oobe.)

Disassociate from it like this:

Address your creation with this: 

"This is not the Consciousness that I truly am."  (You may feel a little something on this step - for me, a little light headed.)

6. Attach the creation to emptiness, or nothingness of empty space.

7. If there are any impressions left of the body, repeat steps 2 - 6.

8.  Do this until you shift out.

9.  If you start seeing extremely vivid imagery, stabilize it and hold it steady.

a.  Reach for it, then withdraw from it. 

b.  Look at the thing furthest away in the imagery, then look at something near, like your (astral) hands. 

c.  Look again at the vivid imagery you are seeing, and spot something large in the scene and then spot something very small, some tiny detail.

d.  Repeat a-c until there is a consciousness shift such that you feel or perceive that you are actually IN this vivid scene and thus 'out' of the physical realm and out of the physical body.

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