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 Old Story New Story Technique 


The Video explains it all.

This technique for getting out of body has to do with the (old) story you keep telling yourself about your ability or inability to get out of body.

The basic idea is that you document this 'old story' and use it to write your new story.

There's more.

It's in the video.

Make ET Contact.

Have YOU ever wanted to make contact with the friendly ETs?

As in see them, and talk to them, face to face?

It's possible, especially if you have excellent, crystal clear visualization skills.

The video under the form below explains things in detail.

(This isn't the first time I have done this kind of training and coaching event for people who wanted to contact ets.)

Contact Ets Event.

Coming Soon.

The real deal.

Do you have excellent visualization ability?

Is your imagination vivid and crystal clear?

If so, this usually means your Third Eye is wide open and functional.

It also usually means you have psychic and clairvoyant skills or abilities that can be trained so as to make contact with friendly ET's that want to make contact with you.

Have you ever wanted to make contact with the friendly ETs?

Do you have that urge?  Do you feel a connection to them?

Have you ever had dreams or OBEs, or vivid visions of making contact with friendly ETs?

If you are serious about making contact and you have excellent visual skills you are invited to a meeting and a training session and a coaching session, online in a video conference setting for the purpose of getting you in visual contact with the ability to communicate directly with the ET that you will have established contact with during this event.

You will have two guides during this online coaching and training session and you will make contact to your satisfaction.

Your take-away will be that you can make contact with the same ET in the future easily, once you learn the technique and the dynamics involved.

This event will be held on Zoom (video conferencing) and is open to only a select few.  (5 - 10 participants max).

If Interested please fill out the form below.

If you are visually gifted and would like to make contact and interact with Extra-Terrestrials, this is the event for you. Please leave your name and contact information.

* indicates a required field
Please fill this field.

Although I made this video abt 6 years ago and did this kind of Contact ETs event back then, the video still explains the basics of what we are doing on Saturday August 3rd 2019, 10 am Calif time.





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