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Our oobe boot camp has ALWAYS been online -
We have NEVER had a bootcamp in the real world space - ever.
All our courses are Online here, on this website or in virtual space.
We have never done a physical location event.
And all of our Courses come with a full money back gurantee if not satisfied.
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 Wins - Mads 01 

Mads did the first Soul Contract Removal Bootcamp with me.
Here's some wins he had from doing bootcamp.

Hay Rich! :D (this is Mads) 

Now that I am finally finished with all exams and shit, I would take the opportunity to thank you for all the things u taught me at bootcamp :D It was amazing how much progress I personally felt I went through in those 2 weeks! 
A few i want to share with you:
I removed fear in general ( you said you wanted my feed back on this one), even if it was a fear that was big in that way that it was not specific.
It actually worked, but since then I later had to go through some of them again in detail. 
What i find strange is that if i get scared (for whatever reason) my body jump but my soul dosent, if that make sense?
Its like muscle memory :O 
On my way home from England to Norway I was sick and i decided to try to remove my cold with soul contracts, and it actually worked!
No i did not get instantly better, but my heavy head stopped and never went back, it seems that i stopped the progress somehow, either way it definitely helped me.
I removed a contract related to being nervous when pitching (products) in front of people, and man its amazing! I am so relaxed its funny i just dont give a shit, and i love it so much. 
In general I am more pleased with my self, I though I was happy with myself but this is only proof that one can feel even better! I am more happy and i dont care anymore, I love to say exactly what I feel, even if the other person might get hurt, but man those words was my honest thoughts it feels so good to say them :D
I still cant get out of body, but (like I told you earlier) I remember my dreams more easily, and recently I started to fly, warp and bend space in my dreams and thats something i never done before, ITS SO AWESOME! And sometimes I am aware that it is a dream but i dont want to do anything, or cant do more, which frustrates me a bit :/   however I will say that its definitely some progress :D  And now I have time to go trough your OBE stuff in a proper way trough my notes :) 
I have done manny removals now, sometimes it works better that others sometimes i need to do it again sometimes not (like you said in your newest video they come back) But basically wanted to thank you for being awesome teaching us this! :D 
I just watched your newest video ( are you a hard case) and ave some questions about the next booth camp, I can see that i still have access to the forum, does that mean that I am automatically enrolled? ( enrolled either way)  And I think i know the answer to this one but i have to ask, I need to pay again right? ;) Will i always be a part of your forum or will you remove those who does not joine again? 
if I did understand you right, its basically what we did just on drugs? Now that you have more knowlage of it ;)    
Hope u have a great time in Europe! :D 



You are going to want this!

When Akvile reads an email from someone who has seen a video of hers on youtube, they will often share their story or issue and ask about getting a session.

Like "Akvile, I think I was abducted (by ets) when I was a kid.  I think I am being monitored, but don't know why.  And could you see if there are entities messing with my relationships?"

Akvile is so amazing with all this that most of the time, she instantly SEES this person's stuff.  Crystal clear, vivid, every detail, of a ship, a couple greys or a freakin Reptilian, or whatever pops into Consciousness, she sees it, feels it, in every detail.  She can touch their hands, look into their creepy eyes, look around the room, see the person (that's writing to her) laying on metal table, the gear and the electronics hooked up to them, everything.  Akvile sees it all.  

Akvile is just reading an email - and BAM she's there - literally consciousness shifted into that space - seeing it all.

It's kinda like when a friend tells you abt the fishing trip or some vacation they went on.  You kinda see it, get an image, or an idea - it may be accurate, it may be just your version of their story, but you can't help get the image no matter how clear or how vague.

Well, this happens with Akvile A LOT.  But her visuals are crystal clear, with every detail in Super High Defintion, and its not just a vision, like a photo snapshot.  It's ALIVE.  Like Video.  But she's there.  She shifts in time or something weird like that.  But she's there, they are moving around, talking (or communicating telepathically).

If the person who wrote,is stuggling on the table to get free, Akvile see's and feels their pain and fear, and she can hear or pick up on what the Alien abductors are yapping about.  And all this from just reading a person's email?  I'm like F@#K, that's amazing.

How do I know it works this way with Akvile?  Well I live with Akvile for one, but she just finished reading someone's email, and came in and said: "Ya know, we could offer a quick scan, cause I am seeing all this stuff when I read their email anyway."

I'm like really?  And she started telling me how much she see's and feels when she does this kind of work. 

She actually goes out of body and, more accurately, she consciousness shifts.  Almost all her consciousness gets tuned into the person's stuff, and she is there. 

It's like a remote view of course, we just don't call it that, because it's not technically REMOTE viewing if you are actually THERE viewing, and touching, and emotionally feeling, and smelling everything.  But yeah, I know this is how it works cause she just came in and said "Hey, we could offer a quick scan - for like real cheap."

What do ya mean by "quick" I asked.  And she says "Well, when they write and tell me all that stuff, I just write back to them what I saw - the basics, the essence of it, some details, give 'em some quick answers to their pressing, most important questions - you know, like "Was I abducted?"  If yes, "By Who?" stuff like that.  Or if it's an entity issue... "Am I being messed with by entities?"  or "Do I have implants?" 

Things like that, so a quick scan - cause I am doing it anyway, without trying when I read their emails.  Make it really affordable.  Quick and easy and cheap.  Then if they like what I see and share with them, they can get the deep scan or a remote scan session and the work we do to fix things, remove entities, energy blocks, implants, revoke soul contracts, free up other parts of them stuck in soul traps or whatever. 

So yeah.  A Quick Scan, they write, tell me their story, I see what I see, I write back with what I see and some answers for them.  And it's quick and easy.  I say - how's 15 bucks sound?  She says "Sure".

So this is our Something New.

Quick Scan - $15.00 

Use the Drop Down Below.

$15.00 option (or a little more, will get an even faster response).






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