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 The Most Important Lesson - Key Words 

Key Words

This is Part Two of  How To Study This Course


Now lets get started with just a few of the key words we use in Soul Contract Revocation Boot Camp. 

(You will be clearing more words in later lessons, as you go over each command in the Revocation Technique.)

But these are the basics.


Def. 1.
Without getting all technical, and abt it... in this context, the soul is you.  You are the soul or being that has made agreements with others.

You are an incredibly powerful being.  No one or no thing can stop, hinder, limit or block you, the immortal soul... except you.  And all you have to do to stop, hinder, limit or block yourself is agree that it can be done, or that it IS being done.  You see, your agreements are powerful too.  But YOU, the immortal Being that you are, the Soul that you experience yourself as, can agree or not to any and everything.  And you can revoke any agreements you have ever made.  The trick is finding out what agreements you have made in the first place that are limiting you right now.

Now here is an example of a bogus definition found on the net of the word 'soul'.

Soul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The soul, in many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a living thing. According to most of the Abrahamic religions, immortal souls belong only to human beings.

The part in red isn't working for us for several reasons.  One, its not a good idea to think that immortal souls belong to humans.  We, in human bodies, ARE the Immortal beings, we do not belong to anyone or anything.  We are Sovereign.  And immortal beings/souls like us, can be in a lot more kinds of bodies than just human bodies.  So yeah.  Be very aware of bs definitions.  If you read a definition and it just doesn't 'feel right' it's probably not.  So just go to another definition or a different dictionary or glossary of terms for something better.


1. An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
2. A binding agreement between two or more persons or parties; especially : one legally enforceable

Please note a hidden meaning here (another definition).  Contract, as in get smaller.  When we go into soul contract agreements, we literally contract as in get smaller, as in contract as a powerful being, into something not so powerful or expansive.  When we get out of these contracts we expand again.


1. to be of one mind; harmonize in opinion or feeling (often fol. by with): I agree with you.

2. to have the same opinion (often fol. by on or upon): We don't agree on politics.

3. to give consent; assent (often fol. by to): Do you agree to the conditions?

4. to arrive at a settlement or understanding: They have agreed on the price.

5. to be consistent; correspond; harmonize (usu. fol. by with): His story agrees with hers.


1.  A negotiated and usually legally enforceable understanding between two or more legally competent parties.
2.  The situation in which people have the same opinion, or in which they approve of or accept something

Agreements come in clusters or groups, the one's we are looking for, that is.

Basic agreements, or core agreements are often buried in plain sight in consciousness.

When we do the soul contract revocation Preliminary Steps we are able to pull these basic agreements up as we also pull up or gather up the whole cluster of agreements (on a given subject or topic or issue).

We can revoke these agreements wholesale, meaning we can revoke them all at once.  But we have to find them first.  Technically we do not have to find them all, because with the help of Divine Inner Self, we are able to revoke agreements that we are not even consciously aware of.  But, when we are able look closer at our issues the way I show you how to do in the preliminary steps, we are able to pull up or find many agreements we did not realize we had going.  As we pull up (find) all these agreements on a given subject, we notice that they are clustered.  Or we notice that there are many facets to these agreements. Not all agreements that we find and revoke are the basic soul contract agreements.  But they are related... and they affect our lives tremendously as well.  So it is worth every minute we take to explore our lives and our situations so that we can identify these agreements. And as we gather these agreement in the preliminary steps, we write them down.  We write them down so that when we get to the steps where we actually CALL FORTH all agreements related to (whatever) we have some of the biggies, already noted.

As you go thru the course and start doing soul contract revocations you will begin to realize how your agreements (all of them, not just soul contract agreements) actually create your reality.  And as you understand this are get proficient at finding and revoking agreements you can and will literally reshape your reality.  And by 'your reality' I am talking about how you perceive, think and feel about life from the inside out.  Things will start getting better.  You will see it, feel it, believe it and agree that it is so.

Soul Contract:
Simply stated we are talking about agreements that you have made about (or before) coming into this human existence, about (or before) coming into this incarnation as a human. 

Soul Contract Agreements don't have to be made BEFORE incarnating.  Soul Contract Agreements can simply be agreements made on a "Soul Level" or a level 'deeper' than what one might make from a merely human, mundane level of agreement (example: an agreement to meet at the park at noon). 

So you could say, from a Soul Level, or from an Immortal Being Perspective you have made some agreements.  These agreements are between you and other parties (called the Counter-Parties).   And the agreements are binding not only because you have agreed to abide by and hold true to the agreement, but because you believe (on some level) that breaking the agreement will bring on punishments or adverse affects, dished out by Self, or another, or others.


Why are Soul Contracts Binding?  How Does That Work?:

The reason these soul contracts are binding is because we believe they are, and because they can be enforced when they are spiritually legal, so to speak. 

When we go into a soul contract agreement, we agree to certain things.  We are powerful enough to break the agreement and not do or be what we agreed to be or agreed to do, but we as honorable beings usually choose to abide by the agreement.  Keep the agreement.  But only because we choose to.  There is no Greater Power holding us to any contract or agreement, just ourselves. 

The problem is, or the thing is, we have made agreements that we have forgotten we have made.  Now we are bound and limited by our agreements because, among other things, we have agreed to abide by or stick to the agreement, but also because we have forgotten we agreed, but are still subconsciously holding the agreement (to be, do have or feel, or experience life a certain way) in place.   When we can spot these contractual agreements, we can revoke them.

But is it Ok to Revoke the Agreements?

The question comes up sometimes about "Is it ok to revoke these agreements?"

What about us giving our word to abide by these soul contract agreements? 
And what about spiritual law, or Universal Law or something?
Could we be screwing ourselves by revoking these agreements, or by refusing to go along, or refusing to agree to (whatever) any more? 
Could this whole thing backfire, or could we get busted (spiritually speaking) if we renege?

The answer is no.

Here's why.  These soul contract agreements that we are revoking we not legal (in a spiritual sense) in the first place.  It's like being conned by some very cleaver con-men to sign contracts and go into 'legally binding' agreements with them.  If they lie, if they are being deceptive, manipulating you, mis-representing themselves or their side of the bargain... in a regular human court of law, the contract would be invalid, null and void, not legal and you would not be held accountable.  And if you were brain-washed before agreeing, and/or mind wiped after agreeing or after contracting with them, well, in a court of law, or in a spiritual court of Ethics, or whatever, the soul contract would not hold up, it would have no legal (or spiritual) power and would not be enforceable.  And you would not have to hold up your side of the bargain, or your side of the agreement.  It's fraud on their part.  Not legal, not ethical, not binding.  But, if you do not realize this you would go on holding up your side of the deal, the contract, and the con-artists (Lords of Karma and others) are reaping the benefits of the fraudulent soul contract agreements.  And that's exactly what they are doing, because you don't realize you are getting fucked, don't realize what you have agreed to, and don't remember jack anyway.  Yet you still bind yourself (subconsciously) to the agreements.

Although each of the following words have their own distinct meanings I often use the following words interchangeably.  Revocation, removal, clearing.

1.  to invalidate or cause to no longer be in effect, as by voiding or canceling: Her license was revoked.
2.   to take back or withdraw; cancel; rescind: to revoke a law.

1.  The act or instance of revoking


1.  take (something) away or off from the position occupied.
"Customs officials removed documents from the premises"
2.  eliminate or get rid of.
"the iron can be removed by filtration"


1.  the act of removing

This next word (clear) is a big word for us because it describes very well what we are doing and why we are doing it.  What we are doing is clearing these agreements out of our Sovereign Space, out of our Minds, and out of Consciousness, which then helps us become more clear and freer in consciousness on a given issue or subject, one issue or subject at a time.  What we are doing has to do with getting free and being free.  Having freedom in Consciousness and being free of the prison of the Mind is what clearing, revoking or removing soul contracts and other agreements is all about.  Look thru the following definitions of clear and pick out the one's that work best, in context with what we are doing.


clear (klîr)
adj. clear·er, clear·est
1. Free from clouds, mist, or haze: a clear day.
2. Not obscured or darkened; bright: clear daylight; a clear yellow.
3. Easily seen through; transparent: clear water.
4. Free from flaw, blemish, or impurity: a clear, perfect diamond; a clear record with the police.
5. Free from impediment, obstruction, or hindrance; open: a clear view; a clear path to victory.
6. Plain or evident to the mind; unmistakable: a clear case of cheating.
7. Easily perceptible to the eye or ear; distinct: the clear call of a songbird.
8. Discerning or perceiving easily; keen: a clear mind.
9. Free from doubt or confusion; certain: His meaning is clear.
10. Free from qualification or limitation; absolute: a clear winner.
11. Free from guilt; untroubled: a clear conscience.
12. Having been freed from contact, proximity, or connection: At last we were clear of the danger. The ship was clear of the reef.
13. Free from charges or deductions; net: a clear profit.
14. Containing nothing: The ship's hold was clear.
1. Distinctly; clearly: spoke loud and clear.
2. Out of the way; completely away: stood clear of the doors.
3. Informal All the way; completely: slept clear through the night; read the book clear to the end.
v. cleared, clear·ing, clears


1. To make light, clear, or bright: The wind cleared the sky of clouds.
2. To rid of impurities, blemishes, muddiness, or foreign matter: The new filter cleared the water.
3. To free from confusion, doubt, or ambiguity; make plain or intelligible: cleared up the question of responsibility.
a. To rid of objects or obstructions: clear the table; clear the road of debris.
b. To make (a way or clearing) by removing obstructions: clear a path through the jungle.
c. To remove (objects or obstructions): clear the dishes; clear snow from the road.
a. To remove the occupants of: clear the theater.
b. To remove (people): clear the children from the room.

Pre- means before in this context thus before we clear out or remove or revoke soul contracts and other agreements on a given subject we are 'pre-clear' (PC for short).  There for we call ourselves the pre-clear when we refer to ourselves as the one doing the revoking or removing.  It sounds a bit better and is more accurately descriptive than calling ourselves 'the revoker' or 'the remover'.  So yeah, I will be using the word pre-clear more and more, instead the phrase "the person revoking the agreements".

You will hear me say this word a lot too, it's simply short for Pre-clear is all.


late Middle English: from Latin auditus ‘hearing,’ from audire ‘hear,’ in medieval Latin auditus (compoti ) ‘audit (of an account),’ an audit originally being presented orally.
:  a formal examination of an organization's or individual's accounts or financial situation

b :  the final report of an audit

2.:  a methodical examination and review

1. One who hears; a listener.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman auditour, from Latin audītor, listener, from audīre, to hear; see au- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

What we do here is audit our own spiritual accounts so to speak.  We do a methodical examination and review of what we agreed to, what we believe, what we feel, etc., on a given topic, subject, issue or item.  And then we clear it off the record... off the record of the mind, you might say.  More specifically we clear it out of that part of the subconscious, unconscious, or super-conscious MIND that stores our obligatory 'rules' for living.  This part of our minds dictates to us how we will behave.  This is the part of the mind that hypnotic suggestions go into.  this is the part of the mind that makes crazy people crazy, scared people scared, angry people angry and stupid people stupid.  We are clearing this part of our Mind, which is within Consciousness.  So we are also clearing Consciousness.  And we do this by auditing or thoroughly examining and review our 'shit' and by our power as sovereign beings we proclaim and declare the revocation, removal and clearing out of all the agreements on a given subject.  We declare the agreements null and void (cleared).  And by standing in the Power of Our Divine Inner Self, we make it so.  We audit ourselves and we clear ourselves more and more with every session we do.

1.  A period of time devoted to a specific activity: a recording session at a music studio; a login session that was disrupted by a power outage, a revocation session, an auditing session.

During a solo auditing session you are the auditor and the pc.  And you give yourself a session as you clear the agreements and soul contracts by doing the revocation process.  And during the auditing/revocation session you are going to have some new realization about your life or the subject you are addressing in session.  These realizations we also call 'cognitions'.  If you have someone to listen to you while you do a session on yourself, you have an auditor.  If you are helping another person (the pc) clearing contracts and all that, you are their auditor.


1. The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.
2. That which comes to be known, as through perception, reasoning, or intuition; knowledge.
So when you have new realizations about yourself, about life or about the subject you are addressing in a session, you are having cognitions.  Every session will give you cognitions.  And when you have cognitions make note of them in your session notes.

1. Cog is simply short for cognition.  Sometimes you will hear me or one of my pc's say "I had a cog" or something like that.

[Middle English cognicioun, from Latin cognitiō, cognitiōn-, from cognitus, past participle of cognōscere, to learn : co-, intensive pref.; see CO- + gnōscere, to know; see gnō- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

Next very important word.
1. a :  a set of circumstances or conditions <is the statement true in all three cases>

b (1) :  a situation requiring investigation or action (as by the police) (2) :  the object of investigation or consideration
2:  condition; specifically :  condition of body or mind

So what we are dealing with as auditors (and pcs) is our case.  We are dealing with the condition of our minds.  We are dealing with the set of conditions within the mind that make us what we are today.  We are dealing with the agreements, the beliefs, the emotional triggers, and all the rest of it.  Its all in consciousness, its all in the mind, and we simply call it our case.  When we are making some progress and gains in this regard (by successfully revoking agreements) that we are getting some Case-gain.  If we have a bad day we could say our case is acting up.  We could lok at some nut case and say hey, that guy's case is in really bad shape.  Or on a really good day, feeling good, we could we are in really good case shape.  What's important abt this word is that humanity has never really had a word that they could use to express the concept easily with others.  Sure in psychological circles, easier, but what about for the rest of us?  So now we have a word for what we are improving, what we are working with and what we are clearing.  Its our case.

Boot Camp:
1.  An intensive training program, as for improving one's physical fitness or skills in a particular subject area.

The 'Pc' = Preclear or if you prefer Person Contracted:
This acronym 'pc' is really handy, and gets a lot of mileage.  I have used this acronym a lot for 40 years, literally was using it before PCs (personal computers) were invented.  So anyway, not only can pc stand for preclear, but also Person Contracted either way, pc for our needs means the person who's getting rid of (removing, revoking or clearing) a soul contract agreements and/or other agreements.

More about the 'Auditor' or Facilitator:
There's two basic ways to do soul contract revocations.  By yourself, solo, by yourself,  or dual, with the help of a facilitator, aka an auditor.
In dual sessions, it is the job of the auditor to listen to the pc talk it out and talk it up, and help the pc get back on to the next proper step in the revocation process, if the pc loses track of which step is next.
  There are trained auditors, trained to listen and guide and ask the right questions, and there are untrained auditors who are simply our friends willing to listen to us give ourselves a session.  So once you learn how to do soul contract clearing, you can - if ya want - ask a willing friend to be your listener/sounding board/auditor.  They will not need any formal training.  You just ask them if they wouldn't mind listening to you talk it up and talk it out as you do a session on yourself.  all they have to do is listen politely, non-judgmentally and be supportive and oh yeah, keep their mouths shut!  No talking.  Just a friendly ok, or thank you, or 'good' when appropriate.  But NO talking.  This is important.  Its important because we are dealing with some emotionally volatile and sensitive stuff here and we do not need or want our friends accidentally saying shit that makes us feel wrong, bad guilty or wishing we had not told them what we just told them.  We NEED to feel safe to express our every crazy thought in our sessions because part of the magic in the preliminary steps is to look for, find and express (or write down) our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc so from there we can find out what we have agreed to or agreed with.  So yeah. 

The Item:
The subject, topic or issue that you are addressing in a session.  This term is derviced from the fact that we often make a list of possible issues to address - each one being an item on the list.  The one we pick to address is 'The Item' for the session.

Agreement: I get into all the agreements and how to find them later and how they gather around in 'clusters' in various audio and video demos.

You might have an issue with your boss that you want to clear up.  So your item (which is a subject of concern) could be "My Boss".  The point is, we have this simple phase "The Item" that labels the subject, or topic we are doing soul contract clearing on.  Like this:  "the item" or "your item", "his item" etc.

A Core Item:
A core item is the main Soul Contract agreement at the core of an issue or subject, in a given session, around which other agreements stick, or gather.

A core item will be a soul contract agreement.  It is a basic agreement made before incarnating here on earth and the kind of agreement that can really affect your life adversely.  Not all sessions we do have a core item as the starting place.  Sometimes we choose an issue that is NOT a soul contract agreement or any agreement at all.  Sometimes the item is simply the issue.  So you can start a session with a soul contract Core Item or with simply an issue you want to address.

Examples of possible core items:

agreeing to fail

agreeing to give my energy away

agreeing to be afraid

agreeing to not stick up for yourself

agreeing to be hateful

  And there may be lots of other agreements gathered or clustered around the one agreement.  An agreement one might find gathered around "agreeing to fail" could be something like "I agree to feel like a loser when I fail at something".

As a final note here I sometimes use the following words interchangeably:

  • process
  • technique
  • method
  • the commands (the 14 commands of the process)
  • the steps (the 14 steps of the revocation process)

So the way we do it here, there's 2 preliminary steps, one to find the item/issue, and another to find the agreements, then there's the 14 commands to the process of soul contract revocation.  (the 14th command being optional).

Ok, that about wraps it up for the very basic key words for the subject.

This concludes this Lesson.

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