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 Soul Contract Boot Camp Part 2 

Soul Contract Revocation Boot Camp Part 2

Revocation Theory and Commands

Now that we have got the basics presented it's time to move into part 2 which has to do with the Theory behind all this and the Soul Contract Revocation Commands, including some preliminary steps and more demonstration sessions.

In part 2 we have the lessons numbered.

Part 2 Lesson 0 is the basic theory and the commands layed out for us by Cameron Day.

Part 2 Lesson 1 is Command 1.

Part 2 Lesson 2 is Command 2 and so on.

This goes on for 14 Lessons/Commands and then we have more lessons which will help you put it all together and do your soul contract revocation work on your own, or with another student.

And anytime during your training, during this course, you feel you are ready to do some soul contract revocations just go ahead and do it.  But I highly recommend you listen to some of the sessions I have given and definetley do Lessons 1 through 14 in Part 2 first.

Your next lesson, Part 2, Lesson 0... which is the Article by Cameron Day that has the basic theories and the exact commands that we use and apply here in Soul Contract Revocation Boot Camp.

Click here for Part 2 Lesson 0 now.

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