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 Pendulum 2  

So I started spotting and handling some pendulums.

Still looking at it procedurally, to see if I can come up with a standard approach so to speak.

So I did something that worked really well this morning, on how to spot and handle the pendulums.

I thought I'd share it with you in case you want to try it.

Check it out if you're interested in have time.

1.  To start the process we look at how you're feeling and how we're behaving about a certain situation.

We sort of look at how we feel and what we either want to do should do don't want to do going to do etc regarding the situation.

At this point we're still not sure if we have a particular pendulum but we start with the above "indicators of possible pendulum present."

2.  These pendulum entities are trying to get you to feel negative feeling states and they are into manipulating and controlling you.

So doing number one above will help us see if we are in a negative feeling state and feeling like we need to be doing something or behaving in a certain way.  If we see these two indicators it's quite possible that a pendulum is the cause.

3.  So the next thing we can do is look for a group, organization, association, philosophy, religion, or ideology, that is held in common by a number of people (of which you may be one of this group, or have come in contact with it or one of it's group members.  

And then we can ask ourselves questions like the one's below...

Q.  "What group would this be, and am I part of it, or have I come in contact with it, in some way?"


Q.  "Are there other people who would think and feel and have the urge to behave or act the same way I'm thinking and feeling and having the urge to behave and act right now?"

If the answer answer is yes, or "I think maybe yes."

The next step is to start defining the group.

The reason we define the group is because we want to spot the kind of people who Have collectively been thinking and considering into existence The organized Informational energetic structure (pendulum) That dictates how to feel and how to act, When one follows the rules policies procedures and codes of conduct.  And when one breaks the rules Policies procedures or call into conduct.  

The "group think" of it all is what dictates our emotional state and dictates our behaviors.  And in this way the "group think" attempts to control the individual.

So we are looking for a groups that think and agree on proper ways to behave, and the appropriate emotional reactions relative to following or breaking the rules policies procedures and codes of conduct.

The more common and easy to spot

We often think of this group think as simply the rules policies procedures and or codes of conduct of the particular group were engaged with or have come in contact with.  Or it may be an ideology belief system or philosophy - where the like-minded individuals thinking the same way and believing the same things are not actually an organized group of any kind, but they are people in similar circumstances and conditions.

There are the easy to spot groups as mentioned above (Religions, Political parties, Corporations/ corporate culture, etc)

But there's way more subtle groups of collective unconscious thinking that we may be contributing to with our thoughts and beliefs.

Here's an example of this kind of group think (which can also form a pendulum/egregor/entity):

"The brotherhood of nice guys" (Or whatever descriptive phrase you might choose regarding this)

    This would be all the nice guys of the world that behave and act in a certain manner toward women.  There are certain ways that "Nice guys" Act.  And they feel certain ways by following the rules of nice guy behavior, And they are rewarded with positive feelings if they follow the rules Of being a nice guy.  And they suffer the consequences or the punishments for not being a nice guy.  So the being a nice guy Pendulum, Causes one to behave in a certain way, And can make an individual feel wrong about her guilty if they don't follow the rules.  So this pendulum is an actual entity, And it exists in the consciousness of the individual who is subscribing to "Being a nice guy".   And the Pendulum Wants more adherents.  Once more people to adhere to the Ideology Of being a nice guy.  And will punish any of its followers if they try to break free.  

Other examples might be:

"The stay at home Mom"

"The college drop out"

"The unemployed artist"

"The beach bum"

"Lawyers that don't like being lawyers"

"Wanna Be Professional Ball Players"

"Resentful taxpayers"

There are endless possibilities.  We just have determine whether or not we belong to this mindset or that, relative to our negative feelings and behaviors.

The idea is that people in similar situations or conditions in life can cause people to have similar thoughts, feelings, issues and belief systems, and thus behavior patterns, that will individually dictate their emotional responses and behaviors in life, on an individual level.  

Yet because there are hundreds or thousands or millions of other individuals having the same thoughts and feelings and beliefs on how to act and behave, this psychically and telepathically links up and creates the group collective thought form, that is the energetic form of their collective thinking. And this actually becomes an entity in the individuals mind or consciousness.

So once we spot and give a label to the group we are associated with or belong to, then we direct your attention to the actual literal thoughts, feelings, issues and belief systems, and thus behavior patterns, that we have and that we can assume or easily believe that others in similar circumstances will be thinking and feeling, etc.

So as we take notes of these thoughts and feelings that we are having right now relative to this, We also look at the things, We would like to do but can't do shouldn't do, things that just won't work out but we have it wouldn't be great if we could do it.  And then we look at things that we have to do or supposed to do, We're not going to like it but it's probably what we should be doing.  And then we look at what we will ultimately be doing most likely.  And what we're really seeing is how the pendulum/egregor/entity is manipulating and controlling us, Or at least attempting to do so.  If we do what it's trying to get us to do, we will likely feel bad.  And that's what it wants it wants to control us and it wants our negative emotion to feed off of.  And if we resist doing what we Are being forced or compelled to do, we are not adhering to the tenants of this energetic psychically created thought form (Aka the pendulum/entity).  And then it will seek to punish us.  The way it punishes us is with other belief systems, that cause us to trigger other strong negative emotional responses.  Fear, worry, concern, hate, anger, apathy, grief etc.  And once again we're the effect of the pendulum.

So when we do this step of spotting how it makes us feel and what it's trying to make us do, it can release it.  We are spotting how it's hooked us exactly.  We are spotting how we feel or how we're supposed to feel if if we allow it to control us.  But we also spot how we will feel if we try to break free of the pendulums rules, policies codes of conduct etc.

So this morning doing the above is basically how I disengaged from a particular Pendulum.

There are other ways to do it of course.  I'm still exploring the various ways.  This just happened to be the way I did it this morning.  This is maybe the second or third time I've done it this way.  It seems to work pretty good.

I'd love to hear your approach on how to do this as I'm sure there's simpler, quicker ways. I suppose it all depends on the kind of entity/pendulum we're dealing with.

I too am going about it different ways.

Okay, that's it for now

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