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 Deep Dive Psychic Scans 

Deep Dive Psychic Scans
Akvile & Rich

Live Deep Dive Psychic Scans

Are In Real Time, Live with You on Zoom.

These Are Psychic Remote Scanning and Clearing Sessions.

Using acute psychic vision, clairvoyance and empathic abilities, coupled with high level remote viewing and consciousness shifting out of body skills. 

And with these it is possible to see your past lives, soul contracts, entities, ET connections, implants and more. We call these Psychic Deep Dive Dual Scan Sessions
For Spiritual Clarity, Understanding, Relief and Release.

Get 2 hrs & Save $20.
Get 3 hrs & Save $36.
Get 3 hrs & Save $60.

These are deep dives into your stuff to remotely release you from

and help you understand, and get relief from the issues bothering you. 

Here to help you with:

Entities, archons, demons, A.I.

Soul Contracts

Retreival or Recovery of Soul Fragments and Splinters

Alien Abduction Scenarios - Implanting and Programming

Secret Space Program - 20 and Back

Release From Soul Traps

Between Lives Drama and Trauma Cleared

Why are you here & How did you get here
(the back story - filling in the blanks)

Issues Regarding Being A Targeted Individual.

Relationship Problems:
Find out about your past lives 
With Your Current Partners, Abusers, Family and More.

Your Soul Family - Where are They Now.

ET and Alien Contacts in the Physical and/or Astral

Sign Up Now while there are still some slots open for this month.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
With Our 90 day, No Questions Asked Full Refund Policy.

Success Story: A Journey of Transformation

Dear Akvile,

I would like to thank you for the unbelievable job you are doing by helping others. For people with blocked perception, memory, mind, brain, heart, etc. (like me—it was), it can be really too much to digest, and too hard to believe that what you and Rich are doing is possible, and also that what you are talking about in your videos is real.

But as I've experienced loads of abuse (from extradimensionals too), and some of my experiences match very well to what you are talking about, I don't just believe, I know that it is the truth, reality. It's relative, of course, but very painful and very real for all those who are suffering in it.

If you still have some physical or emotional problems from your past because they were bullying you and putting you down, please don’t. You are a real superhero. And one of the best things about your heroism is your humbleness—that you keep your ego out of the playground. Not many can do it. They mostly feed their special egos with some special abilities. I feel that in your case, there is no such danger and that in case you were not thanked enough or welcomed enough on this planet, I might be quite a good person to compensate for it a bit, and to thank you and welcome you a LOT (each time when we meet).

As your pretty over-abused, victimized, and well-wiped friend, who doesn’t even remember for how long they've been suffering on this planet... When you are fighting for survival, getting mad from pains, you will find out a bit about values sustaining life, about what matters the most.

So... really BIG BIG THANKS.


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