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 Deep Scan Psychic Remote Session with Akvile 

Deep Scan Psychic Remote Session with Akvile

We are now offering Deep Scan Psychic Remote Sessions with Akvile.

Only $45 per session.



Due to the very high demand
for these services. there is a bit of a waiting period,
for which we appologize.

It is difficult to say how long the wait,
We used to have over 100 sessions on the books but it's down to about 60.

We had no idea how much people could relate to this kind of work,
nor did we realize so many people would ask for more sessions after the first.


If your situation is intense,
Or there are many issues you would like Akvile
to address and work on for you,
It is recommended that you purchase more than one session at a time. 

We call these Remote Deep Scan Sessions
For Spiritual Clarity, Understanding, Relief and Release.

Akvile dives deep into your stuff to remotely help you understand
and get relief from the issues bothering you. 

We are here to help you with:

Clearing entities
Soul Contract Revocations
Emotional Release Work

Soul Fragment Retrieval
Past-life Regression
Alien Abduction Scenarios

Secret Space Program - 20 and Back
Soul Traps
Between Lives
Why are you here
How did you get here

Targeted Individual

Akvile and I have discovered she works extremely real well remotely when helping others with the above issues.

She has seriously acute psychic, clairvoyant and empathic abilities, and with these she can help you by finding and removing soul contracts, entities, and emotional issues, implants and more.

Also she can help you recall key past life incidents for release of issues or for insights into your character and nature by tapping into those past lives for you and sharing with you what she sees.

Past life Trauma:
In Lemuria, Atlantis, on other planets, or in other galaxies
Soul Traps
Soul Splintering & Fragmenting


Past lives:
With Your Lover, Your Abuser,
Your Loved One's
Your Soul Family and more.
On space craft.
In the Secret Space Program.
As an ET or Alien.

Fill out the form on this page if you have questions.

When you buy a session, let us know at and we will get back to you very soon to say hi and with a questionaire for any additional info we might need.

And we will get your deep scan results to you as soon as possible.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
With Our No Questions Asked Full Refund Policy




You can now support us and our work here with donations.

At Whatever LeveI, Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated



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For a session use the $45 Buy Now Button on the left.

At Whatever LeveI, Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated
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