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Please Note
Our oobe boot camp has ALWAYS been online -
We have NEVER had a bootcamp in the real world space - ever.
All our courses are Online here, on this website or in virtual space.
We have never done a physical location event.
And all of our Courses come with a full money back gurantee if not satisfied.
If you have any questions about this you can always write to us.
Warmest regards,

If you have questions about Soul Contracts or about Getting Out of Body or Astral Projection, or would like more information about any of the courses or services we offer, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. PLEASE leave your name and contact information and ask using this form.

Or just to say hi, and let us know you found our website or watched our videos on Rich2150x youtube channel.
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 Deep Scan Psychic Consultation and Session w/ Rich and Akvile 


With both of us working with you at the same time
We are now offering Psychic Consultations and Sessions to you our Preferred Clients (PCs)

(Using Zoom Video Conference App)

We call this a Deep Scan Sessions
For Spiritual Clarity, Relief and Release.

As I guide Akvile and she dives deep into your stuff to remotely help you understand and address the issues bothering you. 

We are here to help you with Clearing entities.
Soul Contract Revocations.
Emotional Release Work.

Soul Fragment Retrieval.
Past-life Regression.
Alien Abduction Scenarios.
And more.

Akvile and I have discovered we work real well as a team when helping others with the above issues.

With my 40 years of experience with these things and my empathic abilities coupled with her seriously psychic, clairvoyant and empathic abilities, we can help our clients find and remove soul contracts, entities, and emotional issues.

Also working together we can help you recall key past life incidents for release of issues or for insights into your character and nature.

Past lives:
In Lemuria, Atlantis, on other planets, or in other galaxies?


Past lives:
On space craft?
In the Secret Space Program?
As an ET or Alien?

Write to us for details on getting a session.




Deep Scan Dual Session with Rich and Akvile

5 hour Intensive


10 hour Intensive


1 hour session w/ Rich and Akvile working together with you and for you.



1.5 hr session w/ Rich and Akvile working together with you and for you.





2 hr session w/ Rich and Akvile working together with you and for you.


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
With Our No Questions Asked Full Refund Policy
If not satisfied.

Pay What You Can
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