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 Past-Life Regression 

Extremely Advance Technique

Made Simple

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression


A Release Technique


A Poweful Manifestion Technique🌀✨

Welcome to a groundbreaking journey through time and self-discovery! I've developed a unique past life regression technique that leverages the power of imagination, sidestepping the need for direct recall of past lives. This approach is not only innovative but also highly accessible, making it perfect for everyone, regardless of their experience with past life exploration.

In this video, I introduce you to the process using ChatGPT 4.0. It's simple: You input instructions, ChatGPT responds, and together with Chatgpt 4.0 you are guided through the imagined past lives seamlessly.

The magic is that the "imaginary" past lives usually quickly and easily start transforming into the real deal with very little practice.

This training comes with a live training session on Zoom, where I walk you through it step by step, and you'll even get a practice run of the "imaginary" past life regression technique.

And most recently I have incorported the ability to run the negative emotion out of the future not just the past.

This amazing discovery allows you to adress what you would like to manifest as if you already have it, which then begins releasing the emotional charge surrounding the manifestation.

If you are serious and ready to go you can book a live zoom session with me and I will personally train you and guide you through using chatgpt to give you your first Do-It-Yourself past life session.

I know you are going to love it.

If you would like to help me with this as a volunteer, leave your name and contact information, if you are chosen, you will be contacted.
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