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 Universal Remote Scans 


Universal Deep Scans Are Psychic Remote Viewing, 
Scanning and Clearing Sessions,
done by Akvile and Rich.


To access and scan and then release, resolve, remove and/or clear many of the ways we as humans are being psychically attacked, targeted, harassed, implanted, programmed, tortured, traumatized, manipulated, influenced and/or possessed. 


Each Session Targets A Particular Part of The Body.

And using that area of the body as a starting point, we can go deep, and work on the many issues that can be found in each of these parts of the body of almost all human beings.

If you have psychic interference, entity or et influences or manipulation or feel you are being targeted in anyway, in any of the following areas, contribute to a scan of that region, and write to us telling your particular story and issues (in that one specific area of the body).

Where Would You Like Us To Start and How Much Would You Like To Contribute?

When the graph reaches the goal, we do the deep scan and upload it on Youtube.

100% Complete
Head $00
100% Complete
Neck $00
100% Complete
Back $00
100% Complete
Torso $00
100% Complete
Core $00
100% Complete
Pelvic Region $00
100% Complete
Arms, Elbows, Hands and Fingers $00
100% Complete
Legs, Knees, Feet and Toes $00
100% Complete
Energy, Astral, Etheric bodies etc. $00
100% Complete
Cords, Meridians, Energy centers etc. $00

These Universal Remote Scans are $90.

And because they ARE universal we offer a CO-OP Payment plan, 

With the CO-OP Plan

You have the option of paying for the whole thing, or just paying a portion.

If YOU pay the whole amount, we get started right away.

If you pay a portion you will shortly see it reflected in the graph

and we will get started as soon as the target amount is reached.

More Info below the video demo.

This is a kind of Remote Viewing, Consciousness Shifting and Going Out of Body To

Psychically Deep Scan and Clear Issues Surrounding The Body

That Universally Plague Us All.

The Benefits For You Include

The Psychic Clearing of, and Relief From...

Entities - Entity Clusters - Demons - Curses - Spells - Past-lifeTrauma - Abductions

Imprints - Implants - Overlays - Frozen Emotions - Soul Contract Agreements - 

And Relief From The Mysterious and Unexplainable...

aches - pains - sensations - 

emotions - attitudes - fears - worries - 

concerns - conditions - life situations - 

and more.

These sessions are dual scans using the meter, as shown in the video.

Akvile and I work together as I guide her and she remote views/shifts out of body and actually gets right up close and personal with what she is scanning or addressing.  To call it 'scanning' is just the tip of it, so to speak, as she actually shifts consciousness (as in out of body) and is actually there, face to face with whatever it is she is addressing.  And it doesn't matter if it's a past-life thing, or an alternate reality thing or something going on in the astral, or 4th or 5th density or whatever you might call it.  She can just focus in and see what she sees and do some clearing, negotiating with entities, undoing of booby-traps, soul traps, A.I. programming and what have you, that has affected almost all of us on earth.

In the video demo we address a headache - but specifically the side of the head.  This clearing also helped others with similar or same issue, the great feedback from these people is what inspired us to offer this service.

And because this work clears things not just for you but for many, we are offering all of you the option where-by you can contribute just a portion of the full amount ($90.00) for the scan.  And then when another or others also contribute to a scan on this SAME BODY AREA - reaching to goal, then we do that particular scan and upload it on youtube for all to benefit from.

So your contributions whether the full amount or a small portion helps - not just you, but many others. 

And in this way you can contribute to helping yourself and others on this amazing journey of discovery and awakening, that we are all involved in right now on Earth.

After you pay, in part or in full to one of the areas of address/target subject areas as shown above, you then write to us, and tell us your story, the particulars or details that are relative to the general category we are addressing.  We will take your notes and the notes of any others that also contributed to this scan, and we will get to work on, do a video of the actual session and get it uploaded on Youtube for you as soon as we get it done.

The body areas of address you can contribute to are also listed below - the first one that reaches the goal, is the first one we do the remote deep scan on.  And the first one we upload on youtube.

So if you have issues regarding any of these body areas of address, contribute in full or in part, and send us an email with the area or areas of address, that you'd like us to do a universal deep remote scan on, with your personal subjective info on what you are dealing with regarding that particular body area, and when we reach the goal for that scan, we'll get it done and uploaded on youtube published for everyone to see.  We will not mention your name as one of the contributors,  unless you specifically ask us to in your email - and then of course we are more than happy to.

Warmest regards,

Rich and Akvile

The issues we are addressing in these Universal scans are common to everyone so when you get a session, when we focus on your issues, we are also doing the clearing for humanity as a whole.

For this reason we are offering a co-op pay plan.  Meaning you can pay a for a portion of the scan, while another or others also pay a portion.

When the full amount is paid, that's when we do the session for you. 

(You can also pay the full amount of course - see below the video for the details and the drop down menu).

There are certain kinds of entities, and implants for example that almost everyone on earth is having issues with - if we address this issue on you, it also clears for many others with the same issues or with the same galactic history, so to speak.

We have noticed this kind of result by having uploaded sessions we have done for individuals and have gotten reports back from people that they too felt the clearing effects for themselves. 

As we looked further into this we realized that the things Akvile and I were finding and clearing, were so deep, happened so long ago, and were so all-incompassing, many of the dark entities, implants, overlays, A.I. interference, abduction scenarios, Alien Love Bites and other kinds of targeting, and harassment that were being cleared, were being cleared for not just the one, but the many.

And then there are other people benefiting from these sessions simply by having listened to the sessions.  Sometimes all we have to do is hear what some of these advanced ets or alien races are doing to us, and we can recognize it, and instantly delete or cancel the programming, the implant or interference - by simple inspection of the problem or simply by spotting it for what it is.  

Where Would You Like Us To Start and How Much Would You Like To Contribute?
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