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Personal Consultation






 Someone To Talk To 

Personal Consultations



Do you need someone to talk to about all this wild and crazy stuff that's going on in the world and in your head and heart?

$60 per hour.

Would you like some excellent one on one coaching or private training on any of these courses or subjects I teach or talk about?

I am available if you would like to book a session.

$60 ph.  (Use drop down menu for more time.)

The way it works is simple.

Use the button on the left to buy the session.

I will get in touch at the email address you use for paypal you as soon as Paypal notifies me of the purchase. 

Or after paying, you can notify me using your prefered email address.

I will get back to you and we will set up a session time for you.

Then we can connect using Skype or Zoom (Zoom is faster and easier - I send you a link just before session - you click it, and you enter the video session with me.)

  • Out of Body and lucid dream techniques, tips and tricks
  • entity, demon, ghost issues
  • soul contracts and soul contract revocation
  • past lives and between lives, past life regression
  • ets, aliens, and abductions
  • fears, worries and concerns
  • guilt, shame, blame and regret, 
  • grief, shock of loss
  • death, dying, suicide
  • dreams and dream interpretation
  • reptilians, demons, possessions and more
  • implants, programming and deprogramming
  • communication issues, or learn new powerful communication skills
  • problems
  • breaking the rules, transgressions, hurting self or others, secrets
  • upsets
  • being wrong, bad, guilty, losing, failing
  • powerless
  • unclear, confused

These sessions, consultations or chats are very informal but at the same time we can discuss some of the serious issues you are having to deal with in life, gain some perspective, insights, and new strategies on how to deal with it all.

It has been coming to my attention more and more in recent months, that people really do need (or simply want) someone to talk to.

I have known this for many years.  People most of the time when they have problems, issues, fears, worries, concerns, frustrations, guilt, anger, upsets, etc, just need someone to talk to.

There are 'technical' reasons why being able to talk to someone relieves stress, brings insights, releases emotional pain and all that, but simply put, sometimes, we just need someone to talk to to download, or get off our chest those things that bother us.

With this in mind I am now offering this simple service.

Someone to talk to. 

Book your session by clicking the button below or to the left.

And we will set up a time you can talk and share with me those things that are important to you so you can get some relief or feedback, new insights, knowledge, or a little peace of mind, or simply have someone safe to talk to about your stuff.

Warmest regards,


Personal Consultation
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