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 Manifestation Training 


This is the Manifestation Training you've always hoped for.


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Step by Step.

Easy to Learn

Easy to Use

Easy to Document, Easy To Learn, Easy To Do.
And keep track of each and every manifestation session, including works in progress, results and evidence.

You are going to LOVE this training.

This courses teaches you all the best techniques for manifesting your Wants, Wishes, Desires and Dreams.

Step by Simply Step.

And you will start seeing Immediate Results.

You can use this technique to undo unwanted conditions in every aspect of your life.

Resolve problems, upsets, relationship issues, money issues, career issues, entity issues, addictions, unwanted behaviors, a lack of confidence, negative thinking.

All the most effective techniques throughout the ages are reflected and used in this manifestation process.

This Manifestation Training is based on the ancient teachings found throughout the world.

And have been explained in modern day by Neville Goddard and Other Great Teachers and Philosophers.

We will take the mystery out of how and why your life is what it is.

And you will learn how to use the power of your mind and the power of your Imagination to stop manifesting the issues you now endure, and start manifesting the life you wish to live.

What's to know about this course is that over the years I have observed, learned that it takes more than just knowing how to do something, to get good at it, what it also takes in practice.  And I mean A LOT of practice.  What I offer you here in Manifestation Made Easy, is an easy way to not just leaned the theory, but to practice.  Practice in a fun easy way, as you parctice effectively, and practice daily.  It's all about the practice (once you thoroughly and correctly understand the theory).  The theories on how this stuff work can be found all over the net.  And how to practice and what to practice is also found there, but here, you will find many techniques, and the many steps in the process, structured, laid out and organized in a way that makes it easy to learn, easy to follow, easy to practice, and easy to win at conscious manifestation.

Here are just a few things you will be practicing.

Positive inner talk (practice paying attention to your inner dialog and practice taking responsibility for it)

State Changing (changing your state of being, or emotional state - it takes practice)

Practice imagining and seeing your wish fulfilled (not just the big things, but the little things in life)

Acting as if (practice acting as if you already have what you want, your breathing, your posture, your facial expressions, body motion, etc)

Your Aim (practice determining WHY you want what you want, as in what do you want in the biiger picture, that getting this wishfulled, is supposed to help you get.)  Knowing your aim in my opinion has been one of the missing ingredients in the formula, adding this in just makes it that much more delicious, tasty and consumable (as metaphors go).

As we look into manifestation techniques, and law of attraction techniques, we get a lot of techniques and strategies but for me, it was, never really organized well.  So I never really new what to do first.  And a lot of what I was asked to do, was assume that I could do it well enough to make the manifestation work.  When in fact there are some of these elements that I really needed to practice, because I was etremely weak in some of those areas, but I never found a simple, easy, organized way to practice all the most important things in the right order.  And it was never really clear to me what was most important.  In other words, what was the order of importance?  What did I need to learn and practice first?  And what if I am weak in one of the steps, that other teachers may assume I can do, and that any body can do, because the teacher could do it.

At the core of this Manifestation Training Method you find an interactive step by step process that walks you through the best manifestation techniques, in sequence with lots of easy to do exercises and drills for the much needed PRACTICE.

And you get more than just 1 method or approach to manifesting your desires.

And this is HUGE!!
You will learn how to manifest much needed Character traits, such as passion, purpose, drive, commitment, determination, persistence, motivation, self confidence, clarity, certainty and more.
Sometimes we can find ourselves a bit weak or lacking in the very traits we actually need to successfully manifest our desires.

With this method you can actually manifest those traits in yourself.

Once you purchase the program you will be given access to your materials so you can begin immediately on this exciting new journey.

Only $77 Includes (for a limited time) a 1 hr live Training Session on Zoom with me (Rich)

You have everything you need in this training to learn how to effectively manifest your desires.

What follows are the reference materials upon which this course is based and these materials are freely available on the internet.

It is highly recommended but not required that you read these materials, watch the videos, and listen to the audio about manifestation, if you are earnest in learning how to consciously manifest the things you want in life.

Once you get on the training program, if you want to deepen your understanding of the principles involved in a particular lesson, step, instruction, or practice, for your convenience, there will be links in your study materials to these external resources.

Neville puts it all together in this great little book.

Neville puts it all together in this book.  It's one of the best books I have ever read.

When you read it, don't just read it, study it, it's that good.

Here is a Neville Goddard Archive.

Highly recommended.

Link: Internet Archive Neville Goddard

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