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 Guided Oobe Reports 

With this technique I have guided people onto spacecraft where they were able to communicate and interact with the crew in a very real, touchy feely way.  It wasn't "like" being there, it WAS being there.

One student explored the space craft, talked to and literally touched the ETs she was talking to.

Another client had these recurring lucid dreams of being a Captain on a space craft, with some important mission.

It's not "just" your imagination, it's not "just" a guided visualization - the techniques I developed actually consciousness shifts a person INTO this other realm, dimension or plane.  And depending on how much they are focused in on the other realm, and how little they are "in touch with" this physical world, during the session, they will actually shift and experience this as an out of body experience.

The phenomena has to do with us considering we are here in the physical world because of how much consciousness and awareness we have focused here.  Likewise, when a sufficient degree of consciousness and awareness is focused in or drawn into the non-physcal target area, the "shifter" is considered to to have fully (or mostly) shifted attention, focus, awareness and consciousness there.  And in doing so,  literally experiences it as an oobe.

The many techniques used in one guided session give the student shifter practice shifting or drawing more and more cosnciousness into the 'scene' or environment that is being focused on.

I started doing this guided oobe research about 27 years ago.

And still have the reports I exchanged with one of the people I originally worked with.

It's all about Consciousness - shifting, focusing, drawing into the 'dream' or non-physical realms, and away from the physical. 

And this technique (for beginners) is guided.

But once learned, you can be your own guide and do this any time you have a moment to relax into it.

The advantage of having another guide you is that it allows for more consciousness and attention to be drawn in and focused on the imagery.

The imagery that ultimately turns into a non-physical but very real, touchy-feely environment.

So anyway, I started working on the course way back then in the mid 90s.

I am using session reports as part of the training, giving people the blow by blow so to speak, as I developed this.

This first Guided Oobe Report (below) is mine.  And if you are interested in some of the techniques we use and what the results of the first sessions we did, they are here for you to read.

I did this with a research partner I'll call Rachael here.  She has good visuals - well from 3 to 5 if she settles down and gets focused.

But she's not a natural at getting out of body.  She has been working it and has gotten out a few times the usual ways.

She does't have really vivid visuals instantly just by visualizing something.  She has to relax, settle down, and go into a relaxed meditative state first.  But still this technique works great.

We needed a scale on how vivid and real the visuals would get when doing one or another processes during a session.  

And this is what my research partner came up with:

Rating system-

1   Fleeting images

3   Fleeting image controlled

5   Image is picture perfect

7   Image becomes a scene with movement, dimension, communication.  A very 

stable environment  with "me" in it.  I am often observing me.

8   Same as 7 but, with "me" in "me".  I am in the action.

9   Scene is oobe like in clarity, but with out the oobe consciousness (the sense of actually being there).

10 Oobe consciousness!!  (The sense and the knowing of being there in the visualized, imagined, or envisioned realm, or environment).

One possible way to present the course (as I consider the best way to do it) is partly in text lessons (and some video/audio saying basically the same things).

And part of the text lessons are actually some of my mine her session reports. 

Not sure if I need ALL of the reports or not (18 sessions - 32 reports) but yeah.

Anyway, these first two reports pretty much tell you the basics on how to do this.

And of course, you are already beyond this stuff, as you have already have these skills and way more.  But there's a few things here you might be able to use.

And it will give you an idea the kind of clients or students I am aiming for.

Those that are abt 4 or better on the visual scale (generally speaking):

FROM: Richard West, 74237,1735

TO: Racheal, 103125,1250

DATE: 5/8/96 2:53 PM

Re: Copy of: *X's Guided OOBE 2 - Rich's Report

Hi Rachael,

Here's my write-up of our Guided OOBE session, (it's actually the second session we've done over 

the phone - but the first one I reported on).  

My focus in this OOBE report is on how we did it. 

By this I mean the report is about things like:

1.  What's the best way to get you into that cozy, snoozy (hypnagogic) state so that you can start seeing 

the images that will help you get into an out of body experience?

Well you are already pretty good at getting into that snoozy but awake state, so 

by doing this oobe session late in the evening and after a long day for you, we had no 

trouble getting you into this comfortable state.

2.  How do I talk to you in such a way that I don't draw you back into physical 

consciousness, to the awake, physically aware state.

What works best so far is talking to you in a quiet soothing, easy manner, 

being sure to only ask you to do things I figure you can easily do, and questions you 

and easily answer.

3.  How do we get you into the images or scenes once you start seeing them flash into 


I decided to just leave that mostly to you.  I remained quiet as you 

drifted deeper into that state where the images would come to you; in that state of 

consciousness where you are able to detach from the physical world and re-focus your 

attention almost completely on the inner planes or worlds (or the higher planes and 

worlds, depending on you philosophical considerations about such things).  

My job was to help keep you from drifting too far into full sleep mode. 

 One very major problem is HOW does one get here to this unique and necessary 

state of consciousness lies at the very threshold of sleep without going too far?  

How does one get to this place without accidently being pulled the rest of the

 way into that wonderfully cozy sleep state?  

This has been a major problem for me for years.  It's only since we have been 

doing this research that I realized the problem for what it was.  Now of course it is 

glaringly obvious the big problem.  But the good news is that since defining this as the 

problem, the answer is incredibly simple.  

You have your own personal "don't drift off to sleep guard/sentinel/coach",

 i.e.  your own personal OOBE Guide who works with you and keeps you 

from drifting too far.  

The coaching is done with simple drills and exercises "over there" once you get to this

 necessary altered state place.  In this way you and your OOBE Guide resolve one of

 the major road blocks to conscious out of body travel.

4.  Which drills and exercises do we do exactly and when should we do them?

a.  Different drills work for different things.  And some are interchangeable 

with various circumstances.

5.  For helping you get into the snoozy altered state at the beginning of the session:

a.  Simple 2 way communication in a soothing easy manner works.  We do 

this with the objective in mind (to get you relaxed and almost asleep).

b.  Working with you when you are snoozy and relaxed.

6.  For helping you see the images:

a.  I keep quiet until you drift deeper deeper deeper.  The images usually start 

showing up sooner or later (and usually sooner than I would expect).

b.  I may use some relaxation techniques with you and some suggestions 

that you just go deeper and detach, go deeper and let go, go deeper and let it all 

go...stuff like that.

7.  For helping you lock-on to a particular scene or image:

a.  I just wait quietly so you can focus on your inner work there and wait for you 

to tell me you are seeing images.  I acknowledge this and then I may or may not ask you 

about what you see, depending on what you have said about it.  I like to remain very 

much in the background until you start seeing some vivid ones.  The vivid images, often 

of photographic quality will usually evoke a response from you.  So I just hang out quietly 

on my end of the telephone line while you go through this image scanning phase... or 

this consciousness shifting and focusing phase if that's what you'd call it

b.  Once you see a vivid or otherwise interesting image that you would like to 

lock-on to, I will do one drill or another with you depending on the circumstances of the 

moment.  I won't go into all the possible drills we could do right now but the one we 

have been having great success with is the reach and with draw drill.  

It's simply "Reach for the image."  Then after you feel satisfied that you have done that and

 you acknowledge that you have, I say "Withdraw from the image."  We do this reach and 

withdraw thing until we get a positive result which is usually that the image gets more 

vivid or more stable for you.  This doesn't always work though and if it doesn't which is 

evident by the fact that the image slips away or fades out, well heck I just say something 

like "Let it go" and you always find another image we can work with.  The reason we let it 

go completely with a command to do so (instead of just watch it go away) is because 

subconsciously you are letting it go already and we want to help you take over as many 

of your OOBE related subconscious activities as possible.  And the reason we are doing 

reach and withdraw drills on the image is because the image is composed of energy 

and when you reach or withdraw from it, in actual fact it is very likely that you bringing it 

closer to you and then putting it further away.  This equates to you controlling, handling 

and manipulating the thought energy, mental energy and what have you, that it is 

composed of.  And this ability to control and manipulate thought energy is what we are 

developing with you as far as basic OOBE skill and ability goes.  Also on yet a more 

basic level we are increasing your confront.  One must be able to confront energy before 

one can comfortably and easily control it.  So the reach and withdraw drills are helping 

you increase your level of confront on energy (and thus matter) of all kinds which makes 

you more able to perceive and more fully be in the non-physical environments that these 

images are often window into.

So that is how we can get you able to lock-on to an image or scene.

8.  Well after you are locked-on to a vivid image there are several things we can do (and 

have done) to get you more fully into the scene.  So far it's still much like a photo you are 

looking at and we want you IN the scene, we want to turn this two dimensional image 

into a 3 dimensional panoramic scene that you are in the middle of.  How do we do 

that?  We do it with more drills and exercises that your guide coaches you through.  

a.  There's more reach and withdraw drilling you can do.

b.  perception checks.

c.  making a 360 turn noticing the environment all around you.

d.  reaching out and touching the image.

e.  doing some toning (humming the tone Hue for example).

f.  consciously feeling love in your heart chakra and flowing into the image.

There are many drills and exercises we can try out but fortunately we have only needed 

a few of the above.  Using them we have gotten you from seeing a  2 dimensional 

image to being completely in a 3 dimensional environment.  And when you are in it, you 

are either viewing it in the first person or you are seeing "you" from an exterior 

perspective, but either way, it's definitely 3D.

Now that you there in the 3D environment we have more choices and options.

9.  What we want to do now is increase you perception and thus consciousness and 

awareness of the environment.  

What we do next exactly depends on how fully there you are.  

We can tell how fully there you are in two way. If you are seeing yourself in this 

non-physical realm from an exterior point of view we can probably enhance the 

experience if we do a few drills that will allow you to assume the point of view within the 

"you" that you are looking at.  

Again we have tons of drills that will do the trick.  

The one that works well is the perception check.  

This is were we have you simply, but consciously, notice each of your perceptions in turn.  

Touch something, feel it's texture.  

Push on something, notice it's hardness and how much it resists your push.  

Knock your knuckles on something, notice the sound it makes. 

Say something over there and hear what your voice over there sounds like.  

See if you can push your hand through a wall and perhaps stomp on the ground 

or even try your hand at flying.

But the drill that works best so far is the chalk board drill.  This is where you imagine a 

chalk board and you write the number one on it and then erase it, then the number two 

and so on.  And for our purposes it's just as easy to do this drill by writing in the dirt or 

the sand in the non-physical environment you are in.  I still want to have you imagine a 

chalk board for this drill and see if a real one shows up!

Anyway the chalk board drill is the one that turned your sonic (perception) on so strongly 

that you could hear all kinds of things over there and very clearly.

Checking your ability to perceive this non-physical environment forces you to 

consciously use these abilities and when you use them it often acts as a trigger to turn 

them on fully at which time you can experience a sudden surge of vivid super-conscious 

reality.  You turned on your sonic/audio perceptic abilities very nicely and it was so 

powerful (more than you could comfortably confront as it surprised you) that this caused 

you, subconsciously, to back out out from this altered state of consciousness and back 

to physical reality... back to the chair in your house and me on the phone.

10.  After you snapped out you easily were able to quickly get back in and we continued.

I wasn't always guiding you with exercises and drills though.  Often I was simply 

listening to you tell me what you were doing and what you were seeing.

The highlights for me were several:

1.  When you were looking for me in the saloon I imagined myself to be standing, 

leaning against a wall with a cowboy hat on.  I didn't say anything about where I might be 

in that world or what I might be doing.  It was great when you told me that you 

saw me exactly the way I imagined myself to be.  Way cool!

2.  The release work we did over there when you felt that strong but sad emotion in the 

room with the me there.  That painful emotion release quite easily.  You did very well 

Sue, you do have some wonderful talent for this sort of thing I must say.

3.  I loved how doing the chalk board drill turned on audio so strong like that!  We'll have 

to do that one a lot more.  

It occurred to me that I have had many oobes where the audio was just enough to not be 

obviously missing  from the experience but it has almost never been as loud and clear 

as you experienced.  This makes me wonder about olfactory.  I don't have much of nose 

for smell despite it's proportions so I don't notice anything "wrong" when I don't 

smell anything over there.  I gotta wonder now though.  

What if that place is delightful and rich with all kinds of scents and smells?  

I mean I'll bet the astral plane for dogs is totally full of exciting and wonderful smells...

so what about the places we visit?  

My guess is that olfactory senses are right there, all we have to do is develop them over 

there and we have them.  Now that would certainly add a new and wonderful dimension 

to the experience, don't you think?

4.  I also like how you experienced the feelings of love and how you experienced strong 

emotion over all while there.

5.  Doing the Hue Toning thing again was fascinating.  I like how it is consistent in it's 

being there every time we have done it.  There's is definitely more to learn about it.

6.  I liked how well you could do the various drills, you made my job a walk in the park.  

And I loved how quickly you could 'belly up the (ice cream) bar" and how vivid the bar 

experience was.  This stuff is really cool.  

We are definitely onto something!

Well, that's it for now.  I will send this off and talk to you tonight (on Webtalk) at 9pm pst 

for our third over the phone guided OOBE Session.


And here's Rachael's Report - what she saw and what she did during the session.

Select Session Duration

From: Rachael, 103125,1250

TO: Richard, 74237,1735

DATE: 5/7/96 11:18 PM

RE: Session stuff (Rachael's Report on Guided OOBE Session 2)

Hi Rich,

Here is the session stuff.  What fun.  I put a rating system together so we can use it 

and both know what we are talking about. 

Ok here is what happened...

Started to see fleeting images(1).  

A yellow rectangle that came into view in the distance.

Reached for that image and pulled away.  

Reached for it again and saw a very beautiful landscape scene(3).  

Golden sunset colors over the prairie.  

Popped out of that scene but saw the yellow rectangle space again.  

Moved into that and got a very clear snap shot image of a diner or soda fountain (5).

Moved into it, then away.  

When I reached for the image it became very clear.  

I moved right into the scene (8). “Bellied up to the bar”  so to speak. 

There was a little blond haired 4 year old at her stool.  She was smiling and 

swinging back and forth.  Her stool was one of those high ones that swing around.  

I was intrigued with how clear the contour of it was and the color of the leather was 

a wonderful pink (9).  

(Glitch in computer, popped myself out).  

Relaxed to move into seeing images.  

Saw fleeting images.  A large oval shape.  Pointed at the ends(1).  A dark ominous 

brown color.  

Focused on shape (3).  

Moved into the image then out.  

Saw an African landscape, huts and this beautiful golden sunset image again (6).  

Moved away then moved to the brown form and that form took shape (5)  

Saw that this image was one of several very large totems.  Very large, like 50-60 


There were men tending to these totems.  I was flying over this scene.  

Moved away from image and saw little boys playing a game of marbles (9).  

Moved away from that and back to the totems.   

Directed to touch the totems.  

I saw a woman touch the totems.  She did it with such grace and reverence.  

I touched the totems also (7).  I could feel that feeling that she had for these objects. 

 The feeling came in through my feet and to my heart.  I could feel myself being 

pulled outward by this feeling.  

The scene faded (if I remember correctly).

Started to see fleeting images.  I was able to just grab on to one so quickly (3).  

This stone path was right there before I made a conscious effort to move into the 

scene... a stone path that moved to the left (7).  

I walked along the path.  Moving into a forest (8).   

The path curved around to reveal an archway created by the trees.  

I saw a stagecoach moving quickly toward me (8).  It felt strange for it not to see me. 

 It plowed right over me (9).

I continued into this scene (8).  

Was directed to find someone.  

Saw a woman deep in thought.  She was wearing a gray wool cape.  And a black 


Was directed to approach her with the intention of helping.  

I felt the she couldn’t make a decision.  Nowhere for her to go.  

She didn’t have a home where she was nor one where she was going.  She was 

stuck.  Not dead stuck.  Alive stuck.  

I was directed to help her.  

I told her that what ever decision she made was going to be the right one.  There 

were no wrong choices.  

She walked away and went to buy a ticket for the next coach out of town.  

Asked if I wanted to explore the scene some more.  I did.  

Directed to focus on a spot.  

I was interested in where the girl had been standing.  I was interested in looking at 

the barn door she was standing next to. 

Was directed to perceive if anything was far away.  I had to turn around.  The whole 

scene opened up.  

Saw the mountains in the distance and the street and the buildings.  The place 

really took shape. (9) 

Directed to look around and at my feet.  I was wearing black pointed boots.  A very 

full white cotton skirt.  Felt like it was an undergarment.  

I sat down to do the Chalk board drill.  Looked at my hands.  Long finger nails 

painted.  Then at the ground .  Hard and dry and very dusty.  I started to do the drill.  

This quickly turned on the sounds of the town.  Lots of people.  The sound was 

coming from the saloon.  Hooting and hollering and music.  It was so clear and 

distinct that it startled me out of the scene.  

I moved back to the scene after a short break.  Walked into the saloon.  

Did a lot of perception checks.  Look up then down and around, stomped on the 

ground.  This scene was very stable (7) and my attention was there.  

Was directed to see who I wanted to see.  Well, Rich of course.  Looked around a 

bit.  Couldn’t find you.  Asked “Where are you?”  

Saw you standing in the corner of the room leaning against the wall.  Had a cowboy 

hat on.  Just grinning(8).  Waiting for me to catch your eye.  I did just that.  You 

walked over to me.  And bowed.  Took my arm and brought me upstairs(7).  The 

room had just a bed.  I was very much in the environment, no fading in and out at all 

very solid and stable.   I did a lot of shifting of perspective.  Sometimes watching 

me, sometimes in me.  

Well now...What did we do.  Ahhh, it was sweet love.  That’s what it was.  You were 

making sweet love to me (7).  You were so gentle and loving.  Doing me slowly.  All I 

could do was feel such love, satisfaction, Ahhhhh.  It was very emotional.

When I first entered the room I remained an observer.  Watching the two of us.  This 

became very emotional.  A very strong pulling at my heart.  I felt that the feelings 

were that you always had to leave.  See you for a short time then you leave.  That is 

when we did a little release.  I worked.  I felt a release.  When you asked "What is 

sad emotion keeping you from feeling?"  Well that did it.  It was keeping me from 

feeling happy.  Seemed so simple at the time.  But it was a big release.  My heart 

was lighter.  And I could feel and see and sense a light flowing out of my heart, 

lighting up the environment.  It was very cool !  I felt so much lighter.  At that point I 

was able to move into the perspective of myself (8).  You gave me direction to look 

to the left and to the right.  You were on top of me <S> (9).  One thing that was 

interesting was that I moved inward to do the release work and when I moved back 

out into the environment the action was moving on without my attention on it.  We 

were romping around and having fun.  Moved to the release work and when I 

brought my attention back to the two of us we were naked and having sex (7).  Cool 


The Hue sound (8).  So cool, it worked again!  When you asked me to do it I thought 

it wouldn’t work.  But almost before you even made the sound I heard it.  Softer than 

the first time.  So I wanted to open a window to hear if it got louder.  It didn’t.  The 

sound was everywhere.  Felt that the sound is what makes that place that place.

The box drill.  Pushing on all six sides of the room.  I felt such a pressure outward 

when I did that drill (8).  I feel like I get too freaked when I start feeling physical 

sensations.  I think that that is what happened to pop me out of the scene.  Also,  I 

feel like some of these drills are taking me someplace else other than closer to the 

environment that I am in.  I try to hold on to the environment while doing the drill.  I 

feel like I should loosen up and just “Go with the flow”.

Couldn’t find those guides.  I think at that point I started drifting back to physical 

consciousness.  You read that right when you said it was time to wrap it up.  I 

started to drift back to PR and realized that the small of my back was really hurting 

me.  I hadn’t realized that at all until I started drifting back to PR and it really hurt!.  

Made me realize how much I was away from my body.  Not noticing any pain at all 

over there.

Well lot’s of successes!  

1.  Felt emotion many times.  That was a real first.  

2.  Was able to drift from viewer to “me” at will.  Realizing that I had shifted to viewer, 

I could move to the “me” perspective.  I usually made the realization when you had 

me do perception checks.

3   Total confidence that I can move to these scenes.  Can move to 7 and 8 with 

perception checks and stay there with ease.

4   Stayed at 7 or  8 for most of the session.

5   Those computer glitches (that disconnected us completely) did not keep me 

from learning so much more about getting over there.

6   Hey I helped someone over there<s>.

Ya know Rich.  We talk about this stuff and have fun with it.  But you know it really 

has hit me how profound this all is.  It really is something truly important.  We have 

to learn about this and pass the info on.  I was telling my sister a year or so ago 

about how I was so interested in learning about all this oobe stuff.  She was so 

sincere when she said ”Good!  because we need people to work on this stuff and 

learn it”.  She is right.  

A hearty Thank You Mr. West,  You are teaching me sooooo much.  I have never 

experienced this stuff before, it is all so new to me.  And I just love it.  Tell me 


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