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Hi everyone, Akvile here.

So Rich and I are constantly trying to make the courses better - adding more content, changing the looks of the course and listening to what you'd like to have here. 

Latest thing some of you wanted was a place where all of you could connect and talk to each other live, have some human connection and get closer, maybe do some drills together.

For that I think the best thing to use is Discord. 

Discord is all-in-one voice and text chat that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.  

It's easy to set it up - you can download it on your phone or pc. And if you don't want to, simply open the app through your browser. 

Registration will require email, username and password ( like most places) 

And then you can get in. 

Discord will be used for the ascension boot camp live community. That means we'll have people who participate in different courses, but at the same time have different private groups. 

Which means that we'll have a place for general discussions free for everyone, but if you want to talk among the members of a certain group you can always go to the group place. 

And it's all in one space, so it'll be easy to use.  We'll be adding additional content - like more voice channels ( place where you can come and talk using your audio. One channel can have up to 100 people, but if you want to do drill 1 on 1 you can have private space)  

This is the link you use to come to our server -

Here you can see how the app looks like when you're using it.  This is the view you see once you enter the server. 

On the left is the menu. You'll be able to see the servers that you're in. You can have private chat 1 on 1 with audio/video/text chat.

Also you can see the Info, announcements, general etc.  Info will be for the basic rules or some other things.  Announcements are obvious, so only Rich and I will be posting something like we're going live, new lessons, some changes etc.    

We can tag everyone, which means that if you're drinking your morning coffee, reading a book or just relaxing on the couch, if Rich or I tag you, you'll get a notification on your pc or phone. 

Of course, you can turn them of if you don't want to be annoyed ( though I don't think we'll be posting too much)  

And in the general section we'll have every day discussions.  It's all optional of course, but you can talk about anything in there with anyone in the forum. 

In videos category you can share some links and in photo category share your photos.  This way we'll keep it all organized and things won't get lost that much.  You can always delete your messages/links and photos if anything.

The middle is all for chat/videos/photos etc. 

And on the right side bar you'll be able to see the members.  So we'll have the coaches, students, mods and other things. 

On Bottom left you can also see your photo, nickname,  microphone, audio and gear. Gear stands for settings. So if you ever want to change any info, add connections like facebook or change the appearance of the discord ( have it all dark or light, change the size of text etc.)

And if you have any questions you can always write to me at, I'll do my best to help you in any way I can. :) 

That being said, if you want to connect with other students feel free to come to our discord server. 

You can tell a friend about this site if you like it.

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