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More about How Remote Deepscan Sessions are done and why we have transitioned from Live Dual Scans to Remote Scans.

Recently we switched over from doing Live Dual Scan Sessions at $90 per hour to doing remote sessions only at $40 per session (not $40 per hour) here's why.
Short Story.
Generally speaking we are switching over from the live scans to the remote sessions for all clients because Akvile has noticed that she can actually do a better and faster job, if she is doing a remote session - meaning she reads over your story, notes, details, issues, interests and targets that you send her, and as she reads, things start showing up on her radar, and she immediately starts talking into the recorder, recording your session.  She can get more done for you, better and faster.
Long Story?   
If ya want the long story of why we transitioned to remote sessions - here ya go.  :)
Now that she has had more experience doing this kind of work, Akvile has noticed that she can get a lot more done, easier and faster for you, when she is working alone in her office and working remotely (i.e by working by herself, alone, no client, no me).  
All you have to do is give her the details of what you would like her to look into and scan, and she goes to work on it in her usual way - but without any distractions.
As she is doing the remote sessions for you, she is recording it as she goes, reporting to you in an audio, then she is back into it, seeing clearly, vividly the past lives, the parallel realities, the entities, the energies, implants etc, that are in your space or whatever it might be.  
And she is working at removing things, doing the energy work and all this - while doing this by herself in her workspace, with no interruptions.   The no interruptions part I think was key in her decision.
It allows her to work really efficiently and smoothly, shifting her attention into the other planes, and then back here, and sometimes seeing things there, being there actually, while talking into the recorder sharing what she is seeing and doing.  This technique helps her stay focused and actually see more and get more done for you.  

Often in the live sessions, I will be asking the client about various possible things to address.  And well... come to find out, every subject that is brought up, Akvile can start seeing major stuff there, instantly, not even trying.  But she can't talk about it yet, as we haven't actually told her that's what to target.  So she listens as we talk about other possible targets and or whatever, before we finally decide on one to start with.  

Well, what I didn't know is that Akvile is already seeing and living that stuff, we are just talking about casually -  but for her there's way more than one entity, or incident or whatever, that's on her radar and in her space, so to speak.  
So then by the time we do get the target sorted out, Akvile has already 'seen too much' so to speak, and has to then start clearing out all the other visions, and places and energies or whatever it is... she has to clear all the stuff out that is NOT the target so as to focus on what is the target.  And then its fine.  
And she's pretty used to it working this way with live scans because we have done a lot of sessions like that.  But me, I had no idea it worked that way.  
We got to talking about all this stuff recently and she was saying how easy it is to do the remote sessions relative to the live scans, with just as good if not better results, and this is when she explained all this stuff to me.
So yeah, that's the long story of why we are changing over to remote sessions.

About Waiting Time - How Long before she can get to your session?

Well first of all I want to say thank you sooo much to those of you who already purchased 1 or more sessions - thank you so much for your patience.  We really, really appreciate your understanding as we service clients as quickly as possible so we can get to yours.  

And yes, we DO have a lot of clients right now who are eagerly awaiting their remote scans.

We really didn't mean to be making people wait more than a couple days, when all this started, but we had no idea how in demand this kind of work would be.  It's because there are sooo many people waking up and being so aware of the world situation, aware of the value of soul contract revocation, and wanting clarity on all this personal stuff; their past life stuff, the between life stuff, were they abducted, and if so by who and why... the secret space program and super soldier issues (we get a lot of that), soul traps and the entity issues are also huge among clients. 
And so much more - way more people than we thought would be interested in how we can help them by giving them some relief and some answers and nearly impossible to access information from past lives, from Akashic Records, from vast data crystalline storage facilities, repositories, and crystal libraries scattered through the multiverse. 
Way more people than we thought, are interested and want to know, understand and gain clarity and some relief from all this.  So we are really quite busy with many wonderful clients and over 50 sessions lined-up and ready to go.  And more people signing up for sessions just about every day. 
People are not just awake and aware of these serious issues but are in fact the victim or target of these paranormal, oftentimes non-physical, and extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial attacks. 
And they just want some relief but there's so few people that understand the issues, and fewer still who can do something about it, and give clients some relief or answers so desperately needed. 
So out of the blue and almost over night, when we first started doing this kind of work, we were pretty much overwhelmed with people desperately needing help and wanting sessions.  So we pretty much stopped promoting except for a few videos here and there.  The facebook ads and stuff, well, they are on hold for a bit as we play catch up. 
So waiting time and how long before Akvile can get to your session?   We wish we could give you an approximate number of days as we streamline things to get to you sooner.  But for now, we are working hard every day to get you the best sessions we can, just as soon as we can.  And lastly I'd say if you would like a session or a few... best to sign up sooner than later.  It's good stuff.  And we guarantee your satisfaction with the results (that we send to you in an downloadable audio link.
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