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Our oobe boot camp has ALWAYS been online -
We have NEVER had a bootcamp in the real world space - ever.
All our courses are Online here, on this website or in virtual space.
We have never done a physical location event.
And all of our Courses come with a full money back gurantee if not satisfied.
If you have any questions about this you can always write to us.
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 Ets, Aliens, Contact, Disclosure Etc 

How To Break Agreements Made With ETs, Aliens and Entities.

Soul Contracts are Agreements made before you were born, before you incarnated on Earth.

People who have had unpleasant et contact, alien abductions,

Or encounters with ets, aliens or demons in dreams or obes,

have made agreements that allow such things to happen.

It's a REAL good idea to REVOKE (aka REMOVE or CLEAR) these agreements from your conscious and unconscious mind.

Doing so will immediately start changing your life in profound and powerful ways.

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Only $89.00


For more info about how revoking soul contracts can help change your life for the better:

I have a made a lot videos over the years abt Ets, Aliens, UFO's, Contact and all this.

So here you can find some of my favorites.

On my youtube channel Rich2150x, I have upload abt 1,000 videos abt all kinds of things. 

You can go there and check it out if you like,

But here I want to embed some of my favorites for you that have to do with Ets, Aliens, UFOs etc.

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