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 Decide and Win Drill 

The purpose of this powerful exercise is to bring you more and more into a very positive mindset and a winning attitude about your life, through the practice of winning.

Just listen to the audio and do the simple commands.

Everything you practice here, you first consciously decide to do it, then with a heightened sense of awareness, you do what you have decided to do.  This may not be your personal definition of winning, but it is your subconscious mind's idea of winning.  And if it sees you doing this, and sees that you are acknowledging or counting it as a win, it will too.

It takes your word for it, no matter what you think or say.  It watches you and listens to your inner talk and has determined your nature and how your life should be manifested by your inner talk and thinking.  You and your mind both think, but you think differently.  You are the boss, but when you delegate the decision making to the mind, you are putting your life on autopilot, and your mind takes over.

When you do this drill you are consciously deciding to do something then doing it, then counting it as a win.  It's not about WHAT you decide, this is about DECIDING and FOLLOWING THROUGH and COUNTING it as a win.  It doesn't matter if what you decide is big or small, important or unimportant.

This practice instils in you the habit of making conscious decisions in life and the habit of consciously increasing your awareness in the moment as you practice follow through and acknowledging your wins.  It's like a micro version of Evidence Journalling where you journal the evidence that your law of attraction or other spiritual work, is working for you.  This puts more attention on the positives, and less on the negative.  And it's where we consciously and subconsciously put our attention that determines how manifestation occurs in this life.

If all were great visualizers and had great clarity of mind and control of our thinking we would most always be thinking or be focused on the positive outcomes that we desire.  And we would be feeling the appropriate emotional response as if we already had that which we desire.

Our subconscious ability is still just as able to manifest whatever we think about and feel about mostly -  it doesn't matter if its single-minded, and crystal clear of if it is muddle with positive and negative feelings and thoughts.  It takes EVERY THOUGHT AND FEELING and puts it into the mix and cooks up and serves to you, whatever you put it to it.  If you want the output to be better, you have to work on improving the input.

And that's what this simple drill and practice is for.

The practice you are involved with here can involve doing things, imagining things, including attitudes and emotional states, faking it til you make it, and acting or pretending as if you are experiencing the good things in life, as well as practicing body posture, facial expressions and taking on, or at least practicing the positive attitudes and feelings states in life, until they start coming to you more naturally and without effort or pretense.

All of this combined into one very easy to follow MP3 or Text To Speech Script.

And with the free text to speech reader 'Balabolka' you can change this script up to suit personal preferences.  As well as have it create new custom mp3s for you.

You may have a different definition for "what is a win", and this is as it should be, but for the purposes of this drill, a win is defined as doing what you have decided to do.  This is a subconscious computational definition used by the mind.  

Currently it is most likely that your subconscious mind thinks of you more as a loser than a winner.  And for this reason, it causes you to respond emotionally to life more as a loser than as a winner.  

With this exercise we are reprogramming the mind to think of you more and more as a winner, so that your subconscious mind will offer up more and more positive thoughts and empowering feelings that support you as a winner in life.  

The purpose of this exercise is to 1, practice consciously making decisions, then 2, doing what you have decided to do, then 3, acknowledging that you did what you decided to do, and lastly, 4, you counting it as a win.  

It's not about WHAT you decide to do, it's about the fact that you were successful at doing whatever it was that you decided.  The subconscious mind is watching you - monitoring you.  If you count your wins, it will too, and it will start seeing you as a winner.  

So this exercise is not about WHAT you decide to do, it is about the fact that you are consciously doing what you have consciously decided to do.  Practicing daily literally makes you more conscious and you begin taking control of your life back.  

Your subconscious mind, like Artificial Intelligence has taken over your decision making process, and your life.  Getting good at this will change your life forever for the better.  All it takes is a little practice.  And that is what this daily drill or exercise is for.

You can pause at any time if you need more time to do a step. 

In the videos and text below I explain how to use the Decide and Win Technique.

It works in amazing and sometimes subtle ways.

You are going to love it.


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