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 Consultations With Akvile 

60 minute Live on Zoom Face to Face Consultations with Akvile.

Starting January 1st I'll have a limited amount of seats a month (for consultations) which will be 10 to 15.

Personal Consultation w/ Akvile
Personal Training & Sessions

If you would like a Consultation with me use the button above.

Then for scheduling BE SURE TO CONTACT ME at this email:

After taking a break and finding myself again I started thinking differently. Whilst the sessions I used to do worked great and people were winning, the demand for them was higher and higher every week. Because of this it's obvious how many people are dealing with similar issues - hearing and seeing entities, manipulated/controlled relationships, worst luck ever, being stuck in life, depressed, losing parts of who you were years ago, not wanting anything in life anymore, 20 and back, abductions, human trafficking, sexual abuse and so much more. 

These topics became my everyday focus as I was working with people who were bothered by this. And you know how they say - Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. But what if we start teaching how to teach how to fish, and create a chain of people who are able to help themselves and give all the tools to others. 

That's my vision. To be here for you, to let you know how powerful you are, to give you every possible tool to deal with your issues. What I do everyone's capable of. And I'm here for you whether you want to talk it out, get some clarity and questions answered or learn something.


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