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 How To Contact Ets, Extra-Dimensional Beings and More 

Your Great Visualization Ability Is Your Super Power.

Learn how to use it to help others, make the world a better place, make great contributions to Humanity while learning new ways expand to Consciousness, Shift Into Other Realm, Planes, Densities and Universes.

And with this make contact with the friendly ETs that care.

Connect with them.  Communicate with them.  Work with them.

Find purpose, passion and a meaning to Life.

Humanity is being threatened and because some Extraterrestrials are Human too they are very interested in how things are playing out in 3D (third density reality) and are intimately connected with the outcome here as the dark forces close in, and tighten the noose around the neck of Human Experience on Earth.

Now's your chance to do something about it.

It all starts with Communication.

Real communication, real ETs (the good ones) and understanding, real purpose.

We need your help.

Learn how much more you can do with your Vivid mental image seeing Visualization Ability and make contact with your supportive ET allies and star families, and soul families.

Here's an opportunity to level up from Pawn to Player in this Game of Life (and death) for Humanity on many levels.

Your Personal ET Contact.
Start Date on a 
To Be Announced.
It will be held on Zoom
on a Saturday Morning Calif time.
You will be trained and guided into your Contact and from there you will interact with them.
    Saturday 10 am    California Time
   Saturday 11 am    Mountain Time
Saturday 12 Noon Central Time
Saturday   1 pm    Eastern Time
Saturday   6 pm    London Time
   Saturday   8 pm    Lithuania Time

Guided Exploration and Contact Training Seminar
For Ets, Lost Loved One's and Extra-Dimensionals.
Limited Seating.
Reserve Your Seat Today.
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5. Open 

Because of the intensity of this work, and the personal attention given to each student,
I can only work with a few people at a time.
Don't miss out!
Sign Up Now To Reserve Your Seat
Satisfaction Guranteed
with a 100% Full Money Back Guarantee

ET & Extra-Dimensional Contact Event
Including Contacting Lost Loved One's.

Do you have a strong desire or feel compelled to Contact ETs or Extra-Dimensional Being or connect with a Lost Loved One?


When you visualize things or imagine things do you get vivid and detailed Imagery?

Is your third eye open?

Are your mental images vivid?

Do you have Ideditc Memory?

Can you Day Dream in vivid detail?

If so please read on because I have exciting and wonderful news for you!

What you are about to read is for those who are dead serious about making contact with the friendly ETs.

And I guarantee the results - to your satisfaction.

And we are talking about the kind of contact that is in your face.

With this kind of Contact you will be looking at face to face, and seeing clearly the ET you are communicating with.

They may be communicating verbally or telepathically.

But the meeting will be vivid and clear and the communication clear, precise and meaningful.

Not everyone can do this - meet up with a for real ET in the non-physical dimensions.

Those that can do it, usually do not realize that they can.

But they are often drawn to it.

I am forming a Contact Team.

And I am training you on exactly how to do this.

In the training sessions I will be going over the details or how and why this method of contact works.

If you think you have what it takes I invite you to apply by filing out the form below and answering the questionnaire.

In order to qualify and make the first cut for this advanced training...

You must have a certain amount of paranormal or psychic ability to start with.

And you must have a strong inclination to make contact.

You must feel drawn to this work.

For work it is.

If you qualify for the training you will be part of a real ET Contact Team.

We have missions.  We explore the multiverse.  We explore other planets.  We explore space craft and interact there with the beings on them.

That's the future of this project.

For now as we find those qualified and trainable, new recruits will be trained in the theory and practice of Consciousness Shifting in order to have their first consciously created interactive dialogue with certain ETs (of the friendly kind).

And qualified members of this first Training Event will be invited/recruited for the ET Contact Team.

We are not playing around with this.

You have probably heard of Scientific Remote Viewing


Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and may have seen videos from sources like Courtney Brown's Far Sight Institute or Brett Stuart's Technical Intuition Remote Viewing.

What we are doing has a few things in common with remote viewing, but is easier and faster to learn and do.

You are not remote viewing - you are actually there.

This is not a seance or parlor trick.

This is a training seminar where you will be using simple yet powerful techniques to enhance and further develop your already existing visuals, and spiritual perception for contacting face to face friendly ETs, where you will then carry on your conversation or discussion.

This a recruitment cycle as we look for individuals with the right stuff to work with us as we engage with some of the the Friendly ET individuals or factions.

So if you would like to learn this technique for face to face Contacts with Friendly ETs and actually meet one during this training event please read on.

(Face to face as in see it clearly, talk to it, interact with it, ask it what ever you want, etc.)

This is an advanced technique, and a serious project, so please note that

You MUST be able to honestly say yes to at least one of the following questions to qualify, and if you do, and want to be a part of this team and this adventure, please fill out and submit the form below. And I will be getting back to you with more info.

Do you have eidetic memory?

eidetic (?-d?t′?k)

adj.  Of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images.

adj.  Pertaining to a memory or mental image of perfect clarity, as though actually visible; or to a person able to see such memories.

adj.  of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy

Are you clairvoyant?

n.  1. the paranormal power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision.

Is your third Eye wide Open?
When you open your third eye chakra you reach a state of higher consciousness. It acts as a gateway to higher dimensions. You are able to lucid dream more often, can see auras, creativity flows as never before and people get drawn to your light like a magnet.

Do you have a photographic memory?

Photographic memory is a term often used to describe a person who seems able to recall visual information in great detail. Just as a photograph freezes a moment in time, the implication for people thought to have photographic memory is that they can take mental snapshots and then recall these snapshots without error.

Do you daydream in vivid detail - in other words have a very vivid imagination?

Are your mental images vivid and bright?

Is your recall of past events like watching a movie?

Many people, especially artists, inventors, writers and creators and such people have this ability to visualize and the visualizations are crystal clear and vivid.

If this is you, AND you have a strong interest in ETs, what's going off planet, Galactic Civilization, Galactic War or any of this, and you are interested in being part of the team...

Here's a simple scale we use to determine one's visualization abilities.

We needed a scale on how vivid and real the visuals would get when doing one or another processes during a session.  

And this is what my research partner came up with:

Rating system-

1   Fleeting images

3   Fleeting image controlled

5   Image is picture perfect

7   Image becomes a scene with movement, dimension, communication.  A very 

stable environment  with "me" in it.  I am often observing me.

8   Same as 7 but, with "me" in "me".  I am in the action.

9   Scene is oobe like in clarity, but with out the oobe consciousness (the sense of actually being there).

10 Oobe consciousness!!  (The sense and the knowing of being there in the visualized, imagined, or envisioned realm, or environment).

A seat for this training event - live on zoom, small group is $300 (with a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

Pay now to reserve your place.

And fill out the form below.


Please fill out the questionnaire below and I will get back to you soon with more information.
* indicates a required field
Please fill this field.
Hi, this is Rich.


How To Contact Ets and Explore the Universe

If you haven't watched this already on Youtube, the video below pretty much explains what this is all about.


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