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 The Guided Oobe Sessions 

The Personalized Guided Oobe Sessions.
Live with You on Zoom or Skype.


Your imagination is incredibly powerful.

And you may not realize just how powerful it really is.

In these video live, guided visualization sessions I will show you tricks and techniques you never realized existed, things that will shift you out of body.

Please understand that the are not just guided visualization sessions.

The techniques used are specifically designed to shift you out of your physical body and into the non-physical, designated target area.

How well you can do this depends on how strong your imagination is, i.e.your visualization abilities and your belief systems.

But the techniques used will help you expand your abilities and enhance your beliefs about what you are doing and what is really going on as you learn to consciously create your world around you - then shift consciousness fully into it. 

These techniques exercise your imagination in a whole new way to help you shift consciousness into other planes and dimensions - you will see, feel, touch and hear what you're experiencing.

Wanna see some actual session reports of what REALLY happened during these sessions?  Click here.

I will guide you and teach you how dramatically increase the power of your imagination to create worlds and realms that not only can you shift consciousness into, but you can also meet other beings there, and interact with them.

I will show you and guide you into the use of these techniques and processes that expand consciousness, and your ability to shift into non-physical world, realm, planes and dimensions.

With this technique, in some cases it is possible to literally shift out of body during the session.

This technique has been used to contact and interact with (friendly) ETs, board et space craft, communicate face to face with them and more.

A variation of this technique is used by thousands for self-healing as well.

This technique is very much like Quantum Jumping and Remote Viewing but uniquely different.

I called it the guided OOBE when I first developed it because Shifters In Consciousness were literally shifting out of body for real, WHILE I was guiding them.  Later I realized the potential of this and have guided people onto space craft where they have their Other Life, and I have guided people into face to face meetings with extra-terrestrials that were very open to communicating face to face, and of course guided people out of body and into other realms, planes dimension, etc.

If you have a vivid imagination you can do this.

If your visualization skills are good to excellent you can learn to use your visualization abilities in a whole new way.

Take your ability to a whole new level.

It's actually unbelievable how far you can take it, if you just knew how.

In these guided sessions I teach, train, coach and counsel you in this and I give the tools to do this on your own.

For Et Contact.

For Getting Out of Body.

For Quantum Jumping.

For Astral Projection.

For Psychic and Spiritual Healing.

For shifting into Anime worlds and alternate realities.

For Energy Work.

For Law of Attraction.

For Manifesting your Dreams 

For Creating your own reality.

If you have an amazing visualization ability this is for you.

If your third eye is open, you need to know this.

If you are vivid visualizer this can take everything to a new level.

If you have a vivid imagination I will show you how to use it in a whole new way to explore the multiverse, alternate realities, parallel planes, other planes, densities and domains of existence.

You will meet others that you can see, touch, feel, hear, talk to, give and receive info from, teach or learn from, help or get helped by.  You will meet all kinds of beings once you learn how to do this technique on yourself and I will guide you personally, teach, and coach you on this.

All you need is a very good to excellent visualization ability and an open mind.

Be ready to expand your consciousness and break free of your limiting beliefs about reality, and see and experience for yourself what it's like.

Guided Oobe Reports:

Basically if you have really good visualization skills, vivid imagination, clairvoyance, photographic memory, eidetic memory, etc, you can get a session (one on one, or group training and group guided session) and I will teach you, guide you and coach you on how to do this.

You will learn to use this so that with practice you can get full blown Consciousness Shifts or oobes (out of body experiences) with this.

As mentioned in several places this technique is mainly designed for people with good visualization skills, vivid imaginations and the ability see their mental imagery clearly.

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