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We have never done a physical location event.
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 Personal Training Packages 

Soul Contract Course Plus Session With Akvile

Why this training package?

Half Price for Soul Contract Revocation Course.

Some people want to learn how to do soul contract revocation work, and maybe have tried it before but feel like they are missing something.  Like they are not getting it or something. Akvile can help you learn how to do it properly for best results.

With this package, you can buy the soul contract revocation course half price, study the course before your private training session, and then get a 90 minute private training session with Akvile.  She will go thru the steps with you on how to find and revoke the agreements, and even help you find your agreements and walk you thru the revocation steps. 

What's in this Personal Training Package?

Soul Contract Course plus 90 minute personal training session.

For people who would like help getting started, if you get a 90 minute training session with Akvile on doing soul contract work, you can get the Soul Contract Course for 1/2 price.

This package includes:

  • A 90 minute Private Personal Training and Session with Akvile ($75 value)
    • Akvile helps you get the most out of the course, answers your questions, gives you tips of how to use the material you've got in a more efficient way and how to get most out of these techniques.
  • Life time access to Soul Contract Removal Course ($89 value for only $44.00)
    • with 33 lessons
  • Entity Removal Course (Free)

A $164.00 Value

All this just for $119.00

Comprehensive Training Package.

What's in this Personal Training Package?

This package includes:

  • Life time access to Soul Contract Removal Course ($89)
    • with 33 lessons
  • Entity Removal Course ($89)
  • Universal Release Method ($89)
    • with 14 lessons
    • And with tons of additional videos that will explain how the mind, emotions, pain and relief works
  • 1 hour Private personal tutoring from Akvile ($50)
    • as she helps you get most out of the course, answers your questions, gives you tips of how to use the material you've got in a more efficient way and how to get most out of these techniques
  • 1 hour consultation with Rich ($60)
    • for tech questions or to talk to about anything at all.

A $377.00 Value

All this just for $250

Why Soul Contract Agreement Revocation?

Once I got here I found that my case is quite hard, but there's always a solution.  I'm sharing all this information because there's something we can do to be more open to love, get better, get back our memory and abilities, wake up, improve conditions, and be free. 
If your case isn't that bad and it's not really about getting rid of the bad, but more like doing something important, contributing in a meaningful way, and getting more of the good, then this technique can help you to get this as well.

This is because many if not all of our most limiting agreements are made on a soul level and can be said to be contract agreements, just like with Terms of Service Agreements.  And you bind yourself to live according to those agreements.  And all the limiting things you agreed to as part of your being able to incarnate here can be revoked.

What are Soul Contracts?

Soul Contracts are Agreements made before you were born, before you incarnated on Earth.
It's a REAL good idea to REVOKE (aka REMOVE or CLEAR) these agreements from your conscious and unconscious mind.
Doing so will immediately start changing your life in profound and powerful ways.
You will learn why and how to do this very well here in Soul Contract Revocation/Clearing Boot camp.

What can Soul Contract Revocation do ?

Revoking your soul contracts and agreements will help you to get rid of imprints, implants, overlays, attitudes, perceptions, identities, entities, frozen emotions, various habits, also be free of the limiting beliefs, painful emotional and crazy things you do.

And you can just as well gain emotional freedom, happiness, joy and abilities in matters or love, money, health and carrier.

More about Soul Contracts 

It is very likely that in order to incarnate or gain entry to this system we had to agree to lots of things.  
Just like when you want to install software or a game onto your computer and you're in a hurry, or excited or bored or whatever and so you go through all the agreement steps fast without even reading what you are agreeing to.  

How many of you read every single word when you have to agree to terms of service when creating a new account or installing a new software? Probably not too many if anyone at all.  
And when coming here to this plane, it's very likely that we enter the same way - with perhaps the idea that you'll incarnate to dismantal the demiurgic system from within, or spread awareness and help other beings to wake up and finally leave the matrix or this prison planet.
And it is very possible that in the process of incarnation (suddenly after agreeing to enter) you were mind wiped or simply agreed to amnesia - losing all memory of past lives, your goal, and even who you are.  
In this whole process some of you might even get birth bumped and suddenly you get bumped from incarnating into the environment you chose to grow up in and instead, the one you end up in becomes a nightmare, as your parents try to abuse you physically, sexually, and/or psychically attack you. 
And these kinds of issues with parents may just be the start. 

What about your dreams?

Every night when you go to sleep, it's possible that you'll have a nightmare or dream that will make you feel bad when you wake up. Is that because you agreed to be vulnerable or experience these dream manipulations?  Very possible.  You might have even agreed that you won't remember your dreams, and now having out of body experiences seem way too hard when in fact, it's possible you are having them but not remembering them.
When moving on in life, agreements you have made even before beginning this life, can cause you to end up having relationship issues, health or money problems, physical abduction or implantation, lack of self worth, being suppressed. You name it.
Most of us come here feeling pretty confident that we can overcome these limitations, and we sign up. But after getting here and experiencing all these hardships it may be that we reach the point where we want to give up. 


Universal Release Method

It's an effective, easy to learn way to release your painful emotion, limiting beliefs and more. And a simple way to start taking more responsibility for what you think and feel.
This technique is designed to teach you how to find and let go of the subconscious blocks to manifesting and enjoying effortlessly the best things in life.

Peace of Mind; Feel Better, and Do Better Both Physically and Emotionally:

Empower your body, mind and spirit, and help your body heal itself naturally by removing the mental, and emotional blocks to natural healing modalities and healthy life-style changes in diet, exercise and more.

Remove limiting beliefs about what it takes to get better, eat better, feel better.
Let go of destructive wants, desires, cravings and addictions, and allow natural good health and vitality to happen.
Let go of limitations and experience a new found sense of freedom and joy.
Feel Younger, think younger, act younger in body, mind and spirit.
Experience profound relaxation and a whole new level of meditative peace of mind.

Empowering Wholesome Relationships:

The quality of your life is in direct relationship with the quality of your relationships, with people, work, play or anything else. You can greatly improve your relationships with the Universal Release Method as you apply the powerful techniques for finding and releasing the various items that together create those serious, and often times debilitating relationship issues. This course will show you how to apply the simply yet powerful techniques that will enable you to excel in creating and allowing more loving and supportive relationships in your life.

All this just for $250

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